Permanent Makeup and Other Techniques
Here you can find out 10 reasons woman enjoy permanent make-up and how to look younger and healthier with different makeup system treatments.
Permanent Makeup and Other Techniques

 Permanent Make-up   (Micropigmentation)
10 reasons woman enjoy permanent make-up:
* Convenience - save time on every day make up application
* Allergies to ordinary make-up
* Eye issues, visibility problems
* Active outdoor life style
* Lost hair (eyebrows)
* Aging - changes in brows, eyes and lips shapes and appearance 
* Difficulty in everyday applying make-up
* Arthritis
* Natural look
* Skin spots correction - Micropigmentation

Microdermabrasion is an efficient way of removing dead cell tissue from the outermost layer of your skin.

You will look younger and healthier. Benefits:

* Extra deep skin exfoliation for the removal of fine lines and wrinkles
* Reduction of open pores
* Elimination of white and black heads
* Reduction of blemishes caused by sun damage
* Gentle removal of thickened skin areas due to impact of environmental factors

The results of Microdermabrasion are immediate. Curing time is rapid with minimal discomfort and redness.
 Chemical Peels
Professional grade cosmetic peels, extra strong skin exfoliation.

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