Safe Permanent Makeup
Here you can find out about safe procedure of permanent makeup. Learn about permanent cosmetic makeup, advantages and complications of makeup surgery or micro-pigmentation.
Safe Permanent Makeup
  Beauty is essential, especially to women. Think over, by the time you've washed, dressed, ate, exercised, navigated your way through the traffic and eventually arrived at your work place, how many of you have found that make-up time just doesn't get a proper look in?
Most people opt for improving their beauty by less time consuming ways, and that "less time consuming way" is obviously permanent makeup.
You'll never have to experience the morning rush to 'put on the face' with permanent makeup. Attending a party, there's no need to rush home so that you can put on make up. The reason is that with permanent makeup you already have it on your face!

What is permanent cosmetic makeup?
Using permanent makeup surgery, micro particles of natural pigments are injected into the dermis, the middle layer of the skin. Also permanent makeup surgery is called micro-pigmentation. It is considered a safe procedure.
Consider permanent makeup is used for enhancing various features. Permanent makeup can be used to give a good shape to eyebrows, hide birth marks, enhance the eyes, outline the lip contour etc. Also you may get your eye lined permanently or your lips permanently turned into your favorite shade.

There are lots of women sensitive to cosmetics. Therefore this type of makeup is an ideal solution for such people. But, even though it is used for those with facial blemishes or sensitivities, it is mainly due to its time-saving nature that permanent makeup has been widely used.
Consider that this makeup is permanent, but it is only one the disadvantage! If you choose the shape of eyebrow or the color of lips once, you cannot change it even if you wish to. Accordingly, go for the procedure only when you very sure about the way you want to look.

Just as any other surgery, this too is associated with a few risks:
1- The possibility of contaminated instruments used for the surgery which may transmit an infection.
2- If an inexperienced person is doing your cosmetic surgery, there is a high risk of something going wrong.
Remember! If something goes wrong it would be permanent. For instance, if the shape of your eyebrow goes wrong, then you'll have to retain that shape for a long time.

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