Permanent Cosmetic Procedure Methods
Look through useful advice about permanent cosmetic procedures, find out methods of procedure used for lips, eyes and so on.
Permanent Cosmetic Procedure Methods


If you are like millions of other women who tired of searching through their purses for long minutes only to find their favorite lipstick has melted into the leather of their handbags, permanent lip color may be right for you.
Some women crave fuller, more defined lips or have a desire to return to the same color they had when they were younger. Get in touch with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to see if permanent lip color is right for you.
Permanent blush can provide definition to cheeks damaged by age, disease, or injury without the endless hassle of constantly applying blush. This procedure produces a tone only a few shades darker than your original skin tone and creates simulated depth and a healthy glow.
Unluckily, frequent exposure to sunlight can adversely affect the permanent blush, so ask your plastic surgeon if this procedure is right for you.

Most people consider the eyes as the single most noticeable feature on the face. So a lot of poets have extolled the eyes as the window to the soul, and as our windows on the world.

Natural, soft looking eyeliner provides definition to your eyes, while permanent eyebrows enhance and accentuate your naturally thin or nonexistent hair. If you feel you could benefit from permanent eye makeup, contact a board certified plastic surgeon in your area today.

If scars, skin grafts, or other incidents have robbed you of natural looking skin tone or color, you have many permanent cosmetic options. Your skin may be re-toned to match the surrounding tissue or you can have a tattoo applied to mask the unevenness.

People with disfiguring scars also benefit from permanent cosmetics, as do women who have lost their areolas or nipples due to a mastectomy. Speak to a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to see which procedure is right for you.