Permanent Makeup
Permanent makeup has recently become an excellent option for those who have allergies to conventional makeup and desire skin imperfections.
Permanent Makeup
Lipliner/Lip Color Enhancement
Not only can the color of the lips be improved, but the lip shape can also be improved, giving you the appearance of more full, sensual lips. Such a technique can also camouflage those fine lines that begin to appear around the mouth with age and eliminate the appearance of lipstick bleeding onto bordering skin.

Beauty Marks
An absolutely natural beauty mark may be placed wherever you desire. Shape, size, and color are all chosen by you to create the look you desire.
Is the procedure painful?
There is very little discomfort because your plastic surgeon numbs the area to be treated with local anesthetic.

Do I have a choice of colors?
Completely! There is a broad range of colors to choose from

How long is the recovery period?
There is a mild swelling and redness accompanying the procedure, but most patients are able to return to work or other social activities the same day.

So how long will it be until I see my final results?
This takes a period of three to six weeks for the pigment to become permanently incorporated in the desired location. About it your final results have been achieved.

Will my permanent makeup fade?
During the initial healing period of three to six weeks, there will be a slight fading of the pigment as some of it is removed by your body. To object this natural response, a slightly greater amount of pigment than you actually need to achieve your desired results will be placed at the time of your procedure.

May I have more than one application of permanent makeup?
There is no limit to the amount of times you can have permanent makeup applied.

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