Permanent Facial Enhancements
Find out how to enhance the beauty and a quality of your life with the help of permanent facial make-up. Browse through useful tips for choosing suitable permanent make-up. Get to know the benefits of the permanent facial make-up.
Permanent Facial Enhancements

Permanent Make-up Correction Services
Not all permanent makeup artists have equal training, skill, or artistry. If you’ve been disappointed by less than satisfactory results, fading or color change, visit the center for permanent cosmetics. Find and consult with the nationally recognized expert and spokesperson for the permanent cosmetics industry.

The Benefits of Permanent Make-up

Properly designed eyebrows can:
• Make a long face look more oval.
• Make a round face seem narrower.
• Pull apart close-set eyes.
• Bring together wide-set eyes.
• Emphasize exotic, almond shaped eyes.

Properly designed eyeliner can:
• Make wide-eyes appear more normal.
• Make close-set eyes appear further apart.
• Make narrow eyes seem wider.
(using the doming technique).
• Make regular eyes seem more exotic.

Permanent eyebrows make-up is for people who:
• can't grow eyebrows due to shaving or tweezing.
• want more of a brow arch to look younger and more attractive.
• want to intensify their eyebrows.
• have a medical condition and can't grow eyebrows.

Permanent eyeliner is for people who:
• are athletes and on the go.
• can't see well enough without glasses to apply eyeliner.
• like the convenience.
• are allergic to regular make-up but like to look their best at all times.

Properly designed lipliner can:
• Give lips better definition.
• Re-shape un-even lip line.
• Help prevent "lipstick bleeding".
• Create fuller looking lips  and conceal scars. 

Properly designed lip color can:
• Enhance or change the shape of lips.
• Detract attention from a face that is too long, too thin, too round or too square. 

Permanent lipliner is for people who:
• are athletes.
• have visual or hand dexterity problems.
• like the convenience.
• lip color has faded with age.

Permanent lip color is for people who:
• have bluish lips
• are athletes
• have trouble keeping on lipstick
• have visual or hand dexterity problems
• like the convenience.

Permanent beauty marks:
• Yes there are also permanent beauty marks.

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