Permanent Cosmetic Corrections
Clear up about the permanent cosmetic corrections and camouflaging and learn more about the micropigmentation, its kinds and benefits.
Permanent Cosmetic Corrections

Are your permanent eyebrows blue or peculiar shades of orange? Having your lip color turned mauve or blue? Are you dispirited with your lip, eye or brow design?
The least expensive technician or the one closest to you is not necessarily the most experienced. Do not leave your personal appearance to chance. Correcting someone else's work can be a complex, time consuming (and costly) process.

Skin Camouflaging for Scars, Skin Discolorations and Burns
Hypopigmented scars (light) or Hyperpigmented scars (dark) can be camouflaged with skin tone colors to help conceal the scar's appearance.

Nipple-Areola Micropigmentation
After breast reconstruction or cosmetic surgery, there is often scarring that can be camouflaged to natural skin tones and the natural color of the nipple-areola complex restored. This procedure is ideal for those born without color in the areola complex.

Micropigmentation, also known as tattooing, is a revolutionary way to place or replace color in your skin.  Safe and effective procedure micropigmentation is performed by depositing pigment into your skin with a specially designed motorized instrument and sterile needle.

Micropigmentation can be made to enhance your eyes, eyebrows and lips.  Also it can be used to camouflage your scars and burns.  Micropigmentation enhances your overall appearance by giving your skin and facial features more color and definition.

Micropigmentation procedure is good if you:
- Have contact or cosmetic allergies but like the appearance of cosmetics
- Have a loss of eyebrows or eyelashes
- Have thin or poorly defined lips
- Have an active lifestyle and want waterproof, perspiration-proof solution
- Have a desire to eliminate daily cosmetic applications
- Have a desire to camouflage scars and burns

Micropigmentation will give you a basic understanding of the procedure - why and how it is performed and what results you can expect.  However, it may not be able to answer all of your questions since there are many variables involved with the procedure including your individual needs, skin color and tone, chemical composition and the method of application.  Be in no doubt to address any specific questions you have with your micropigmentation specialist.

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