Permanent Cosmetic Corrections
Clear up about the permanent cosmetic corrections and camouflaging and learn more about the micropigmentation, its kinds and benefits.
Permanent Cosmetic Corrections

permanent_correctionsPlanning for Micropigmentation
A primary consultation with your micropigmentation specialist is very important.  He will take a medical history survey, evaluate your health, review the choice of pigment shades available for your procedure and help you choose the most appropriate shade to complement your hair and skin tones.  He will also explain the risks involved, if and what type of anesthesia will be used, where the procedure will be performed as well as the cost.

A color diagram may be used to select a pigment shade for your procedure.  Your pigment choice should be conservative.  You shouldn’t select an extreme color which can quickly go out of fashion.

Colors may look different once injected under the skin.  Ask your specialist to help you select the most appropriate color.  Mutually, you should also agree on the placement of the pigment.

For procedure involving the eye, contact lenses and make-up should not be worn the day of the procedure and transportation should be arranged.  Your specialist may also recommend that a skin patch test be performed.  Check with your specialist as to these and other specific instructions you may need prior to the micropigmentaiton procedure.

The Procedure
Micropigmentation can be performed to cosmetically enhance the eyes, eyebrows and lips with the precise placement of color in the skin. An eye enhancement procedure involves placing pigment on the eyelid margin to create the appearance of fuller lashes and more defined shape.  During an eyebrow enhancement procedure, pigment will be placed in the skin to create the appearance of eyebrows, to better define their shape or make them appear thicker. In the lip enhancement procedure, pigment will be placed on the edge of the lip to better define the lip or it can completely cover the lip to provide long lasting color.  Usually, each of these procedures takes about one hour.  More complicated procedures may take longer.

Nipple-Areola Pigmentation
Nipple-areola pigmentation is the final stage of breast reconstruction surgery.  Your micropigmentation specialist will create a natural looking nipple-areola complex with the placement of color on and around the nipple.  The pigment can also be injected into the skin to correct size, shape or symmetry of an existing nipple-areola complex.

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