Camouflage Cosmetics FAQs
Look through the most frequently asked questions about permanent makeup. Find out how to give you a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.
Camouflage Cosmetics FAQs
Permanent makeup has recently become an excellent option for our patients with certain skin imperfections, loss of skin pigmentation, thinning eyebrows, thinning lips, and for those who have allergies to conventional makeup. Permanent makeup also allows you to escape the daily application required with traditional makeup techniques. Permanent makeup, unlike traditional makeup, will not smear, smudge, or run during your daily activities. permanent_makeup_procedure

This makeup may be applied to any part of the body and to all age groups. Permanent makeup includes enhancing the eyebrows, altering or enhancing the color of the lips, and adding or augmenting beauty marks. It is also used as permanent eyeliner and lipliner. These procedures allow us to enhance your natural beauty and give you a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

Look through the most frequently asked questions:

What are permanent cosmetics?

Permanent makeup cosmetic is a form of tattooing that uses special techniques and procedures to address different skin conditions and types.

What does getting a permanent cosmetic involve?

Using a technique called "micropigment implantation", your surgeon applies pigment just under the first few layers of skin to create a permanent colored mark.

Who gets permanent cosmetics?

Anyone who wants to be free from the hassle of constantly reapplying makeup is a good candidate for permanent cosmetics. People with skin discolorations, scars, allergies to conventional makeup, or those who lack the dexterity to apply makeup regularly make up the thousands of people who get this procedure each year.

Does it hurt?

Although pain tolerance varies from person to person, most people who elect to get permanent cosmetics are amazed that it is far less painful than they initially thought.

How long does the process take?

Depending on the number of procedures, you should expect to spend anywhere between 30 minutes to hour for each micropigment implantation.