The Art of Permanent Cosmetics
Get to know about the new revolutionary methods of applying permanent make-up such as micropigmentation and electropigmentation and recognize their benefits and effectiveness.
The Art of Permanent Cosmetics

Most Commonly Used Micropigmentation Procedures
Now, the most common procedures performed include lash liner, full eyebrows and enhancement, lip liner, full lip color, nipple-areola simulation and scar camouflage.

Lash Liner - Micropigmentation is performed to cosmetically enhance the eyelid margin. Lash liner gives fuller and thicker eyelashes look. Pigment is located along the lash line in small dots, creating a soft, subtle halo around the eyes. Light or heavy liner can be applied, depending on one's preference. The eyelashes color, eyebrows, hair roots and iris is examined in choosing the correct pigment to enhance your facial features.

Eyebrows - Micropigmentation is performed to cosmetically re-create or fill the brow area. Pigment is located in the brow area with a brush-stroke technique that simulates the cilia (brow hair). Colors are combined to match the patient's hair color and skin tone.

Lip Liner - Micropigmentation is performed too effectively outline as well as fill in the vermilion area (the full lips). Thin lips can simply be made to look fuller and larger. Hence, overfull lips can be made to look smaller. Lips that have been focus to some type of traumatic injury may achieve a look of normality. Pigment preference is usually darker than the natural color of the vermilion border and natural looks are advised. If the lips are done fuller, you can still wear conventional make-up overtop.

Nipple-Areola - Micropigmentation is performed and is cosmetically effective to recreate the natural color of the areola area following breast reconstruction. Also the nipple is re-created using a variety of pigmenting techniques.

Scars - Micropigmentation is performed to camouflage scarred or depigmented (hypopigmentation) areas of the skin. Colored pigments are blended to closely match the natural skin tones.
Micropigmentation Permanent Makeup
Micropigmentation permanent makeup utilizes a tattooing technique to insert pigments under the dermis layer of skin. Using permanent makeup, individuals can create eyeliner, lip liner, lip pigmentation, beauty marks, etc. Occasionally, micropigmentation permanent makeup can be used to disguise scars, asymmetries, or skin pigment irregularities.

The micropigmentation permanent makeup procedures are non-surgical, so this practice is relatively unregulated. It makes finding a qualified micropigmentation permanent makeup practitioner more difficult, but choosing a board certified cosmetic surgeon to perform your micropigmentation permanent makeup procedure greatly reduces a number of risks. The nature of many places where micropigmentation permanent makeup is applied require an understanding of facial structures and anatomy, and visualizing the outcome of a micropigmentation permanent makeup procedure may be easier for individuals with extensive experience in cosmetic methods.

Sometimes, micropigmentation permanent makeup does not require any type of anesthetic, but topical creams are available for use during micropigmentation permanent makeup application, and injectable anesthetics may also be used, although only a medical professional may administer them. Micropigmentation process normally takes under an hour to apply, and patients can return to work that day.

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