Permanent Make up for Afro-Americans
Afro-American permanent make up is a great opportunity for women to enhance certain features on the face. Find out how to choose the appropriate shades for dark skin tone.
Permanent Make up for Afro-Americans

What is Afro-American Permanent Make up?
Everyone can try permanent make up regardless of skin tone and type of skin. But, unfortunately, there are few professionals who have all necessary skills to do the intradermal pigmentation for African-American skin.

afro_american_permanentDue to this many Afro-American women don't trust much the specialists at clinics and salons. It is very difficult to match the color for dark skin tones even having a huge variety of shades available.

That's why in order to avoid the risks connected with client's dissatisfaction with the results of the procedure some professionals refuse treatment. This has long been a serious problem in the field of permanent make up industry.

But recently there has been a positive trend in applying Afro-American permanent make up. Today many clinics have colors which are created especially for women with African-American skin.

Pigments for African-American Skin
According to the theory any person regardless of the skin tone can choose any color he or she wants. But in fact the technician will not advice to use color which won't work well with your skin tone.

African-American skin as well as Hispanic and Asian skin is prone to hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a disease when the skin retains more color than usual and as a result it has a darker shade. The main reason to this is the presence of exessive amount of melanin in these skin types. 

Generally the process of healing may take several weeks until you can see the final color. However it should be mentioned that darker skin types hang on to the color more. That's why it is very important to choose the appropriate colors which could also settle well over the period of time and which could leave the client satisfied with the results.

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