Permanent Make up for Afro-Americans
Afro-American permanent make up is a great opportunity for women to enhance certain features on the face. Find out how to choose the appropriate shades for dark skin tone.
Permanent Make up for Afro-Americans

The Importance of Selecting the Right Color
* Eyeliner. If Afro-American women wants to have black eyeliner  it is necessary to choose the color which is at least two- three shades lighter than the desired color.

In order to line the eye with a true black color the specialist should choose colors similar to a mahogany or dark brown. The final result will be a true black line. The main resons are:
1. The color is just a few shades lighter.

2. The color combines with about 20-30% of the client's natural melanin which helps achieve a black color. 

* Eyebrows. If a woman with African-American skin requests dark eyebrows  the specialist should find the suitable shade which fits the desired color. For instance, if you want to have dark brown eyebrows the chosen shade should look slightly red-toned to the naked eye. However if you are not satisfied with a final color you should have a color touch up in order to adjust the shade slightly.

* Lip color. Most professionals advise to make a patch test in order to determine the ideal lip color. Why is it so important?
1. Any disparaging colors will be viewed clearly on the lips while on the darker areas like brow bone or near the lash line this is less likely to occur.

2. The lips area is not simple and many color changes can occur on the lips.  For example, they can be red due to the ample supply of blood and they also include strong blue undertones. That's why the process of selecting the perfect shade is very complicated.

Afro-American women should be very careful in choosing their lip colors. It should be mentioned that only various shades of brown can be created with the help of Afro-American permanent make up.  Red, however, can not be achieved. The specialist should pick up the shades which three-five tones lighter than the desired color.

In most cases  the darker the skin, the darker the end result will be. If you have lighter complexion there are more possibilities to experiment with colors but it is crucial to undergo a patch test in all cases.

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