Types of Mineral Makeup
Here you can learn how to choose the right type of mineral make up depending on the type of skin and the complexion of the face.
Types of Mineral Makeup

Women, who have oily skin, can also apply her mineral makeup with the help of a flocked sponge, especially in the T – zone. Using a flocked sponge also makes pores temporarily appear somewhat smaller, than they really are, which is great, if the woman is going to go out for the evening or have some pictures made.

In case if your skin is dry, this woman should better look for mineral makeup brands, which offer “semi – matte” or “dewy” mineral makeup formulas. Otherwise your face may wind up and acquire rather chalky appearance and all the finest lines and wrinkles will be well seen. Everyday mineral makeup provides formulas in Semi – Matte and Original Glo, which would be worthy to try on. There is a free trial kit, provided, which can be tested before buying this kind of mineral makeup. And women, whose skin is normal, will do well enough wearing original mineral makeup formulas or dewy / semi – matte formlas, in case they are going for dewy look.

As soon as the woman has chosen the mineral makeup brand, the next step is to learn how to apply the minerals in a proper way. And in people, who are not careful enough, it is possible that mineral makeup application can turn into a rather massy process, as most minerals are powdery, and not liquid, and they come to women in small jars with a sifter on the inside. So, the first thing the mineral makeup application process should be begun with is the lid’s unscrewing and turning it upside down. Then the minerals are to be taken and turned upside down, tapping gently on the bottom in order to let the minerals fall through the sifter into the lid. It would be useful to begin with just a small amount, as it is always possible to add some more mineral makeup, therefore, if a woman has applied too much of it, most likely she will have to wash her face and start all over again. The minerals, which are tapped in to the lid should be taken with the help of a soft kabuki brush. It is to be dipped into the minerals, swirled there and then a woman should tap the brush onto the lid in a gentle way in order to shake off any extra minerals. By circular movements the mineral makeup is to be buffed lightly on the woman’s skin and the woman is to make sure that she does not have the brush pressed too hard against her skin. As soon as the application process is finished, it is possible to see whether or not there is the necessity of some more coverage. In case if some more makeup is necessary to be applied, the procedure should simply be repeated up until the woman gets satisfied with her look completely. 

There is no doubt, that mineral makeup application process does take some time to get used to, therefore, as only someone gets hang of it, this person may not ever want to apply any regular liquid makeup again.

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