Traditional vs. New Mineral Makeup
Explore how make up has developed over the centuries and clear up the benefits of the modern mineral make up over the traditional cosmetic products.
Traditional vs. New Mineral Makeup

The cosmetic industry is truly considered to be the multi – billion dollar industry with literally thousands of all kinds of cosmetic lines. Such brand names as Almay, Avon, Bonnie Bell, Clinque, Cover Girl, L’Oreal, Max Factor, MAC, Mary Kay, Maybelline, Neutrogena, Revlon, SmashBox, etc. are familiar to the majority of women of all possible ages. Therefore, a question rises by itself “what makes cosmetic so much popular?” and there is even a better question “Why do women wear makeup?”

The truth is that women have been making some form of makeup for thousands of years, practically from the very beginning of civilization. The very word “cosmetic” is considered to be the general term, which is applied to all possible kinds of preparations, applied in an external way to condition and / or make the body more beautiful by cleaning, coloring, softening and protecting the skin, nails, hair, lips and eyes.

The first cosmetic is known to come from Egypt, the country, where dyes and paints were applied in a routine way to change the color of skin and / or hair. Egyptian women, just as like as men applied rouge on their lips and cheeks, stained their nails with henna and lined their eyes and eyebrows with kohl. In addition, they used all kinds of scented ointments and oils in order to protect themselves from hot sunrays, to soften their skin and to mask body odor.

Such nations as Jews and Romans also applied all possible kinds on cosmetics. As for Romans, they used kohl to make their eyelashes and eyelids dark and chalk to make their complexion white. They also used pumice to clean their teeth and they were the first to develop hair – removing preparations. It is considered that Romans are responsible for the first exportations of cosmetic to the Far Eastern countries, where they were further refined.

As a more significant study of cosmetic ingredients began in France, the worldwide application of cosmetics grew significantly. As the years passed by, the method, as well as the mode for cosmetic products’ development has continued to change; veering form the once all – naturally based methods, applied by the old Egyptians and Romans to the addition of all possible kinds of synthetics, preservatives, additives to prolong the life of makeup products. As for the nowadays cosmetic production, they consist of:

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