Traditional vs. New Mineral Make up
Explore how make up has developed over the centuries and clear up the benefits of the modern mineral make up over the traditional cosmetic products.
Traditional vs. New Mineral Make up

Foundation is used with the aim of giving the skin some uniform color. Foundation is possible to find in the wide variety of types: creams, liquids, powders, etc. It is also possible to choose between sheer coverage, balanced coverage, full coverage, anti – aging foundation, etc. In addition, modern foundation can also be designed to fit different types of skin: dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, etc.

Face powder
Face powder is used with the aim of making the skin dryer and to give it a satin – like texture. It is possible to find face powder in a variety of forms, such as heavy, sheer, translucent, etc.

Lip color
Lip color is used in order to change / underlie the color of the lips, as well as to add depth and warmth / cold to the lips. The lip color can be found in a variety of forms: creams, sticks, glosses, gels, etc.

Rouge / blush
This kind of makeup ingredient is used in order to add color to the cheeks. There are myriads of colors and types of rouge: powder, cream, gels, etc.

Eye shadow
Eye shadows are used in order to add color and bring depth to the eye color. There are a lot of different colors and types of this make up ingredient: pencil, cream, gel, powder, etc.

Eyeliner is used to emphasize and enlarge the eyes. There are lots of forms of eyeliners: cream, solid, pencil, gel, etc.

Nail polishes
Nail polishes are used in order to provide the strength to the nail, as well as to change the colors of the nails. Nail polishes are mostly issued in cream, pearlized or glitter formats.

It should be noted, however, that there is practically no industry, which has been without any controversy. All kinds of additives, chemicals, colorings and fillers which are widely used to construct the majority of the above mentioned products, may cause severe skin allergies, skin conditions and even some long term medical issues. In addition, there are some ingredients, such as titanium dioxide, talk and blue No. 1, which have been found in the greater part of foundations, blushes and eye shadows, which have proven to be damaging or even dangerous for the person’s health. As for titanium dioxide and blue No. 1, both of them are considered to be carcinogens, which means that they “can” cause cancer, moreover, the inhalation of talc, an ingredient, used in a lot of makeup powders, in case if it is applied for a long period of time, can become the reason of serious lung problems. And even skin cream, which are believed to be applied to make the skin softer and to reduce its aging, can influence the human’s health in a negative way.

It is considered to be common for the majority of skin creams to contain such damaging ingredients as tannic acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Tannic acid containing creams are found to cause irritation or blister on the skin, as well as to increase the skin pigmentation. There are cases, when these cream actually cause discolorations, such as age spots.

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