Mineral Makeup Tips
Here you can familiarize yourself with mineral makeup application tips. Find out how to be beautiful and have a healthy look.
Mineral Makeup Tips
Conceal and Correct Minor Flaws:

Loose mineral concealer is a great addition to your loose mineral makeup. You may use it - as the name implies - to conceal. By means of the right shade you can hide minor skin imperfections, redness, dark circles, blemishes, and even-out skin tones.
So, you want to choose a shade lighter than your skin.
- Some people say to apply your concealer over your makeup; others say to apply it under for a more natural look.
Consequently, experiment with it to see which way works best for you.
From time to time you need something more than flesh-toned concealer to help hide unwanted minor flaws on your face; when that time arises, you want to use color correctors.

  Pink Corrector:

Gives a glow to sallow complexions. It may also be mixed with your mineral foundation to camouflage yellowish bruises.

Blue Corrector:

It is great for under the eyes & helps to neutralize orange skin (from sunless tanning) and brightens the face.

Yellow Corrector:

Brightens warmer skin tones. Use it to cover up dark colored bruises & dark under-eye circles.

Green Corrector:

Tones down redness. Use it to hide minor pimples, blemishes, scars, birthmarks and broken capillaries.

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