Skin Complexion and Mineral Make up
Discover how to select mineral cosmetics properly and clear up the main reasons when it is necessary to do the skin analysis before buying mineral make up products.
Skin Complexion and Mineral Make up

Nowadays it is possible to find great cosmetic products in nearly every store. And even people, who are looking for mineral makeup will hardly have any problems with finding it. Thus, why should not this item be tried? Therefore, before doing it, it is strongly advisable to do a skin analysis. And in case if someone does not imagine how can it be conducted, there is no need to get worried, as answering the questions, provided below, every woman will be able to see whether she is the right candidate for mineral makeup application.

Reason 1
Is your skin dry and dehydrated? Do you have to go through more moisturizer, rather than cleanser sometimes? In case if the answers to both or any of the questions is “yes”, then mineral makeup will only make your easily manageable situation look more like a flaky croissant. And it is a well known fact, that any dry part of the face requires either a liquid or emollient form to be covered with. As for the mineral makeup, it does not provide hydration to the skin, though it only contributes to the dryness of the face.

skin_complexionReason 2
Is your skin oily? Is it a need for you to use blotting papers throughout the day, or put more and more powder with every passing hour? In case if this one of your timetable points, you should get aware of the fact, that mineral makeup is quite a problem to travel with. The containers with it are considered to be kept on flat surfaces, and mineral makeup is claimed to be only needed to apply one time a day. And in case if your skin is oily, you may probably be aware that sebum that is pore derived reproduces within every few hours, (which is mostly found in the areas around the nose and forehead), and it requires to be touched up from time to time. Of course, mineral makeup will look perfect being applied to your face, but its effect will only last during the first several hours. And the result is that you will still have to carry this blotting powder to make the midday and afternoon touch ups.  

Reason 3
Do you have a fetish for light feeling makeup, though you still keep enjoying coverage of a light tinted moisturizer, or a liquid foundation? If so, be ready for light coverage. Mineral makeup is considered to be quite light to feel; moreover, it goes on quite smoothly, making you think that you have that very skin type, it is designed for. Therefore, in case if you have freckles or if there is a birthmark on your face, which you used to cover with the help of concealer first, then you will still have to do so before having your mineral makeup applied. The reason of it is that mineral makeup is so light, that it only able to cover the least skin color differences and provide an even skin look.

Reason 4
Do you consider yourself a heavy coverage fan? Do you enjoy the procedure of applying on your face foundation base, then foundation color, which is followed by either a pressed or loose powder, etc? In case if the answer is “yes”, then you can expect to spend just the same amount of minutes / hours applying your mineral makeup, but only have the look and feel the last powdering part in your usual daily routine. If only you wish to have more magazine cover or glamour appearance, and there is not anything to natural about you, then mineral makeup is not what you need at all.

Reason 5
Your skin color seems impossible to match – is it about you? Do you often have to return the bottles or compacts you bought because they have nothing in common with what they look like being in the package? If yes, then you should not even begin to apply mineral makeup, hoping there is something, which can match your skin tone, provided in it. In reality, the most popular brands of mineral makeup issue it in only about three to four shades, no more. And having all the beautiful ethnicity, there are lots of beautiful skin tones, which are impossible to be matched by simply three tone package.

The answer 
Having this broad variety of al possible kinds of textures and formulas of foundations, the only way to find the one for every separate woman would be to try it first on herself. The advice is to go to some cosmetic exclusive store or to a department store cosmetic counter, where mineral makeup can be found and simply try it on. It would be very useful to speak with a makeup advisor, who does such application on a daily and have your skin color matched and ask about mineral makeup as many questions as you have. In case if you seem that you really want to try it, tell the adviser about it. Wear it out of the store and for the rest of the day, and only after that you will be able to take a decision on whether mineral makeup would be the solution for you.