Mineral Makeup Ingredients
Mineral make up is made from different ingredients. Browse through this article and you will find from what ingredients consist any makeup. Read about mineral makeup and get to know its benefits.
Mineral Makeup Ingredients
mineral_ingredientsWhen a person gets any makeup off the shelf, few of use really bother to take the time and read the ingredients it consists of. And even if someone does, the great majority of words stay “alient”. Therefore, what do these words really mean? Most of them are mere artificial dyes and fragrances, synthetic oils, fillers and preservatives. These are all the items, which can influence the skin in quite a negative way. However, the person may either experience no reaction, or the reaction can be delayed or severe. In case if all these artificial ingredients bother someone, if a person is a vegetarian or vegan, or if she is simply interested in applying some more natural alternative, then why should this woman not to try mineral cosmetics?

It is considered that this type of makeup is made only from naturally occurring minerals. Such names as iron oxide, mica powder, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, etc. may be found on their labels. Anyway, what are all these minerals, and what are the used for?

Titanium Dioxide. It is considered to be a natural anti – inflammatory ingredient, as well as a natural sunscreen. The sunscreen level of one application is somewhere about SPF 10, thus, in case if there are two layers, the person automatically gets at SPF 20. Therefore, there is no guarantee from sun protection provided, and this is why it is necessary to always apply a special sunscreen to prevent skin from getting damaged with sunrays.

This mineral is the very beneficial for people, suffering from acne, rosacea, any inflammatory skin condition, as well as from post – surgical or post – chemical peel skin. Titanium Dioxide helps to reduce redness and irritation.

Zink Oxide. This is the mineral, which is considered to be a naturally occurring sunscreen. It helps to provide natural resistance to harmful UV rays, when it is added to makeup. Anyway, even with natural makeup one should not forget about applying some specially designed sunscreen.

Kaolin Clay. It is the mildest of all China clays; in addition, its oil absorbing qualities are great, and there is no skin irritation. Moreover, it should also be noted, that with the help of kaolin clay, it is possible to have makeup adhere better to skin.

Iron Oxide. This is one of the naturally occurring minerals. It is mostly applied for color. There is a very strong pigment in the Iron Oxide, this is why as a rule very little of these colors go a long way.

Mica. Mica is considered to be a natural “glitter”. As a rule it is applied in makeup to make colors glitter and shimmer. As for its natural location, it occurs in sheets, and it is ground up.

Serecite. It is also called “colorless mica”. As a rule serecite is applied in setting powder – the powder, a woman uses last to provide her makeup with staying powder. This mineral is white in color; however, it goes on clear and adds to the water resistance and fade / crease – proof qualities to the makeup. It is also possible to use it as a primer, underneath the makeup – and then one can increase shine control in oily skin.

Magnesium Stearate. The second name of this mineral is “Magnesium Salt”. This mineral is not soluble in water, and this quality of it helps to keep the makeup water resistant. It also helps to improve adhesion.