Buying Mineral Makeup
Determine the kinds, properties of mineral make up and discover the best mineral make up brands in order to determine which cosmetics is right for you before buying.
Buying Mineral Makeup

It serves as the “setter” of all the makeup in the process.
The only problem with this type of mineral makeup is that its formulas contain not only bismuth oxychloride and other ingredients, which may cause skin irritation, such as breakouts and itchiness; in addition, some of the preservatives their “purity” claims would seem to deny. Taking the mineral veil, for example, the list of ingredients on its jar contains such toxic preservatives as methylparaben and propylparaben.

The product line of Jane Iredale, Leeza Gibbons’ Sheer Cover and Youngblood (this is available only in salons and spas) are in this class of mineral makeup giants as well. As for Jane Iredale, it considered to be one of the most popular mineral makeup brands on the market nowadays. It was founded in 1994 by Jane Iredable. This company has been designing and developing its products, following the recommendations from plastic surgeons and cosmetic research scientists. The production this company is widely applied by many high – end and luxury spas. In general, there are such makeup ingredients, as foundation bases, lip color, blushes, shimmers, eye shadow kits, concealers and, of no doubt, finishing sprays, issued by this company.

The company proposes much more than mineral makeup, though it makes attempts to make the case that makeup and skin care can be one in the same. However, they can not. It is necessary to remember, that makeup is makeup, no matter how many natural ingredients are there in its formula, and it is wrong to confuse cosmetic production with any good skin care regimen.

The great majority of these cosmetic companies, the smaller ones, as well as the mainstream ones, propose pressed powders and liquid versions of mineral makeup; and this brings the contradiction in terms: if only there is any kind moisture introduced, the product receives a shelf life, i. e., bacteria can thrive in most environments. Therefore, the best kinds of mineral makeup really do stick to the pure ingredients and there is no expiration date, pointed out on them. These primary ingredients are iron oxides, mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, etc. It is necessary to be circumspect, if there appear to be more than seven or eight abovementioned ingredients in any formula.

To the second category of mineral makeup companies such mainstream brands of makeup as Revlon, Almay, etc. may be referred. It is considered that these companies have jumped onto the bandwagon and created “mineral makeups” for the drug store shelves. Although some of them do claim that there are “no preservatives” contained, still their lists of ingredients are usually so long and they are printed with so tiny letters, that someone may get wondered whether simply the inclusion of minerals in the formulas alone is what entitles them to use the phrase mineral makeup.

And, to the third category of mineral makeup companies small, independent mineral makeup companies may be referred. They are likely to be available only through internet, and clamoring for whatever portion of the market they can capture.

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