Mineral Makeup Applying
Here you can find out ways of applying foundation, steps for concealers, steps for foundations, applying blush advice.
Mineral Makeup Applying

1) Applying Mineral Makeup is different than regular makeup!
2) Don't let the colors fool you! (they go on like a veil- very sheer)
3) Use the correct brushes and use them right

Applying Foundation:
Most people don't understand why there aren't a large number of foundation colors and the reason is that the color goes on so sheer and soaks into the skin that one color acts like a veil. This offers tremendous coverage but also a very sheer coverage but can go on heavier if you choose.

Steps for Concealers:mineral_makeup_applying
1) Use a Concealer brush and dip into mineral concealer.
2) Tap on concealer into desired areas. Spot it on!
3) For Blemish cover up - spot tap the concealer and then apply foundation directly over the concealer.
- Concealers are tapped into the area as if botting with fine tipped brush - While foundations are swirled lightly onto the face
4) For covering eye are simply spot tap on bottom part of eye - do not wipe on to prevent washing out of the eyes and getting that raccoon look. As an alternative – spot tap!

Steps for foundations:
1) Open jar and use brush to take a small amount of foundation powder onto your kabuki brush!

2) Turn over the lid that is used to cover the mineral makeup jar and tap the powder into the top of jar (The jar top acts like a small bucket)

3) Really push the brush into the powder that you have placed in the top of the jar. This is important to work the powder into the brush

4)After you do this the powder will almost be invisible on the brush.

5) Using circular & soft brush motions on the face, forehead and near eyes. Then repeat steps 1-6 until you reached the desired coverage. This should blend very well with the face and appear as very sheer. Repeat the above steps for heavier coverage until desired coverage is reached.

Do not dip your kabuki brush and apply – the minerals will go on to dark.
Do not use too much foundation at one time if you are used to a heavier makeup than simply repeat the above steps to reach a desired coverage!

Applying Blush:
Never use the same brush that you use for foundation as your applying brush.

The blush colors look very dark but remember that they go on very sheer. You should use the same steps as the foundation and lightly brush onto cheek and outside eye areas.