What Causes Allergy to Mineral Make up
Find out what ingredients can develop an allergy to mineral make up and learn how to choose safe mineral cosmetics in order to make your skin radiant and glowing.
What Causes Allergy to Mineral Make up

In spite of that the mineral make up is one of the most natural types of cosmetics, an allergy to it can still develop.

In recent years mineral make up has been widely discussed among the beauty specialists. Natural cosmetics have occured on home shopping networks, widely advertised and advised as one of the best products for   people with sensitive skin.

Mineral business has become so famous and popular due to the organic components which are included particularly in cosmetics, body and hair care products and that are considered as healthy. These cosmetics provide a mysterious allure with the vague promise of "all-natural" goodness. However, is it truly all natural?

It should be mentioned that all cosmetis companies asure that their products are mineral-based. This happens because the make up industry is self-regulated and it is not controlled by the outside party which can test and prove or disprove its theories. Some products can contain just a very small amount of mineral ingredients and still can be called a «mineral cosmetics».

allergies_mineral_makeupTrue mineral make up should include the following ingredients:
* Inorganic dyes

* Iron oxide

* Mica

* Natural sunblock

* Titanium dioxide

* Zinc oxide

Mineral-based cosmetics are often recommended by the dermatologysts for people with sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, rosacea and oily skin.

The reasons for this are:
1. The inorganic dyes in this cosmetics have lower risk to cause an allergic reaction than dyes which are included in basic products. 

2. Mineral products are fine, granulated powder formulations while the basic products are mostly liquids. The benefit of mineral cosmetics is that they don't absorb into the skin as much.

3. Mineral make up contains sun protecting filters.

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