What Causes Allergy to Mineral Make up
Find out what ingredients can develop an allergy to mineral make up and learn how to choose safe mineral cosmetics in order to make your skin radiant and glowing.
What Causes Allergy to Mineral Make up

Consumers give the preference to the mineral make up for many reasons: some of them- due to their natural content, other people choose mineral make up for these reasons:
1. It is light-reflecting and has the ability to cover the fine lines and wrinkles.

2. It doesn't weigh  your skin and doesn't «cake» on it.

3. It comes in a huge variety of colors which makes mineral make up versatile and suitable for all skin tones.

What can Cause an Allergy to Mineral Make up
In spite of that many cosmetic companies produce reputable, reliable mineral cosmetics these make up products still may cause allergy. When you decide to buy mineral cosmetics it is neccessary to stuy the ingredient list of the product. If this list isn't included you can consult a sales person or visit the website of the company.  Here are a few more recommendations which should be kept in mind when purchasing mineral make up products:

* Small Ingredient Lists
You probably know that it is not advised to eat something which contains ingreients that you can't pronounce. This suggestion is also true concerning mineral make up. The fewer the ingredients in mineral cosmetics, the better the product will be for your skin.  Preservatives, fillers, dyes, synthetics and chemicals can't be included in true mineral make up.

You should look for the ingredient list which contains 3-7  or 8 at most. The extra ingredients which can be added to mineral cosmetics are unnecessary and can be harmful to your skin.

* Sunscreen
Zinc dioxide and titanium dioxide are the ingredients necessary for protecting the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The instant sunscreen protection mineral make up is very beneficial especially for those who don't regularly apply it independently. Additionally, zinc oxide is a natural anti-inflammatory, it means that this ingredient can soothe any existing inflammation. There hasn't been stated any allergies to sunscreen ingredients. 

* Bismuth Oxychloride
Only one ingredient known as bismuth oxychloride can cause an allergy to mineral make up. It is a byproduct of lead, copper and other metals, and is not commonly found in nature. This ingredient is used by the mineral cosmetics companies to add shine to the skin. It is also very refractive, which is useful for covering fine lines and wrinkles.

Bismuth oxychloride is also a very heavy element. When you buff it into your skin it enters the pores resulting in not only clogged pores, but irritated skin. It is crystalline in its molecular so when you apply this make up it can make the skin itch. If you feel any discomfort while applying make up it means that this ingredient has developed an allergy to the mineral make up. 

* Carmine
In spite of that carmine has been approved by the FDA as safe to use in color cosmetics it is not recommended for people with sensitive skin.  Carmine is a dark red pigment made of the crushed shells of cochineal beetles which are dried, ground and added to the cosmetic base. It has been stated that severe allergic reactions can develop.

Mineral make up can help you create radiant, glowing skin. To prevent the development of allergy to mineral make up you need to look through the ingredient list before buying the cosmetics.

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