Make Up for Women that Wear Glasses
Study helpful tips for choosing and applying make-up for women that wear glasses.
Make Up for Women that Wear Glasses

Most women that wear glasses don’t apply any make-up. They think that their eyes are not visible behind the glasses. However, it is not so.

Here are a few recommendations which can help you choose appropriate make-up if you wear glasses. It should be mentioned that the glasses intensify your make-up that’s why it should be applied very carefully.

If you are nearsighted (med. Myopia) it means that your eyes seem smaller. You should give the preference to colored eyed shadows, for example pink or blue shade. Also it is necessary to apply a thin line or use the eye liner.

If your eyes seem round it is useful to apply stronger eye make-up and accent the eyelashes more. To create a seductive look you can apply highlighter below the eye brows in order to emphasize your eyes.

But you need to use mascara carefully. Your lashes shouldn’t reach your glasses. One coat of mascara will be enough. You should look for hypoallergenic mascara. It is not recommended to use waterproof mascara.

When a woman is long-sightedness (med. Hypermetropia) her eyes become bigger. It is beneficial to use mat shades of the eye shadows such as beige, brown, pink, orange. It will look gorgeous if you add eyeliner in the same shade as your iris.

Women with astigmatism should use stronger makeup. You can apply eye pencil to the upper lids and then blend carefully. Choose the eye shadows that suit the color of your eyes. You shouldn’t use gray, blue or greenish shades because they will create “sharp“look.

It is also necessary to apply volumizing mascara and lip gloss. But try to avoid clumps or smudges because they will be more visible under the glasses.

make_up_glassesIt is important to remember:
1. Less make-up is much better

2. Don’t use dark tones of the eye shadows

3. Apply a thin line of the eye liner close to lashes and smudge it out.

4. Give the preference to the neutral shades of the eye shadows

5. Your eyebrows should be as groomed as possible. Create the even shape with the top of the frame or a bit higher.

6. If you wear glasses with black frames the eye make-up should be natural.