The Benefits of Waterproof Cosmetics
Waterproof cosmetics are unaffected by the water. Here you will know more about waterproof cosmetics and can decide if they are right for you.
The Benefits of Waterproof Cosmetics

Some women like waterproof cosmetic products a lot, the others prefer traditional form of make up which can be easily removed with water. Waterproof cosmetics are very specifc and have their uses. 
The Difference between Traditional  and Waterproof cosmetics.
Waterproof cosmetics contains the same ingredients as traditional products but only with an added ingredient that makes it resistant to moisture. Basically you use the same make up formulation, because waterproof version is based on the original formulation, but with a little extra something. Waterproof make up is not suitable for everyone and there are some things to consider before you buy and apply this type of cosmetics.
Is Waterroof Cosmetics suitable for everyone?
You can wear waterproof cosmetic products every day but it is probably not so comfortable. Due to their ability to be resistant to moisture it will be hard to remove your make up. You need to have an intense soap and a hearty make up remover. Removing such type of make up can be irritating to your skin than the make up itself. It is better to use it sparingly, especially if you have sensitive skin. Some women don't like to wear this make up, because it’s so difficult to remove it.
When Should you Wear Waterproof Make up?
You can wear waterproof cosmetics when your face will be exposed to moisture and you don't wish to come out and look like Rocky the Raccoon. For example, at the beach where you will be sweating a lot or at the wedding or funeral where you know the waterworks will be turned on.

If is beneficial to save waterproof cosmetics only for special occasions. Wash your face immeiately when your day has gone because the combination of moisture and ingredients in the waterproof makeup can clog pores and never sleep in waterproof make up.
Who wears Waterproof Make up Everyday?
Some women wear waterproof make up everyday because of their profession.  Swimmers, exercise instructors, lifeguards and any others who anyone who spend most of their day in or around the water. However some women would better go bare instead. 
Who Shouldn`t Wear Waterproof Make up?
If you have any eye-allergies, skin problems around the eyes or sensitive skin you can't use waterproof cosmetics. This may even worsen the problem.  Stick to going very light on the traditional cosmetics or, if you`re gutsy enough, go bare instead.