Useful Advice for You Makeup
Here you will find some useful information how to create your perfect make up and find information what you shouldn’t do when applying it.
Useful Advice for You Makeup

perfect_makeup1. Never ever apply either face powder or foundation before you have applied moisturizer or hydrating cream.

You should always keep in mind that neither face powder, nor makeup foundation should better be applied before the moisturizer. The reason of it is that powder gets imbedded into the pores, especially in case if they are large, as women with oily or combination skin usually have, and it makes them look even larger and it becomes extremely difficult for such a woman to blend her foundation. As for the women with dry skin, then again, the face powder will not stay put on for a long period of time, and all the fine lines, small pimples and wrinkles become much more noticeable; in addition, it is also possible that dry skin will be irritated easily.

2. Never use too bright makeup to make your face look flawless.

You should keep in mind that it is quite possible that bright colors would emphasize all the fine lines, wrinkles, large pores as well as any other skin imperfection. Instead of this it would be much better to apply a little bit of a foundation, which is in a shade that is close to the natural skin tone. And then it is possible to apply some face powder in peachy shade, for example over the foundation. It is also necessary to mention that the powder should be put on with the help of a big powder brush.

3. Never apply any foundation or face powder only to the face.

It is greatly advised never to apply foundation only over the face, especially in case if someone is going to use some darker shade afterwards. And if someone risks and does so, then the face acquires so unnatural appearance that it looks like a mask, rather like a human face. Instead of that it is necessary to apply a little amount of the foundation with the help of a wet makeup sponge. It should also be noted, that the foundation is to be applied to the neck form top to bottom and any excess amount of it is to be absorbed with a tissue.

4. Never apply a creamy blush over a face powder.

perfect_makeup1Remember, creamy blush is never to be applied over the face powder, because it usually results into two bright spots over the cheekbones. Creamy blush is to be applied before the face powder, while it is quite possible to put powder blush over it.

5. Never outline your lips with darker lip liner.

It is also extremely important not even try to outline lips with any lip liner, which is of a darker shade than the lipstick. The result will be that this darker line on the lips will ruin that sensual appearance of the face. Instead of a dark lip liner, it should better be in a shade, which is close to the natural lip color.