How to Tweeze Eyebrows Properly
Read this step by step instruction of how to tweeze the eyebrows properly to create the perfect shape.
How to Tweeze Eyebrows Properly

It is generally known that the charm and beauty of every human face, especially if it is a female face, lies in its delicate features and defined curvature. The face of every person is unique and it has its own specialty, for example lips, smile, eyes, cheeks, etc. Therefore, it is not a secret that if the face is adequately framed, it is considered to be appealing by everyone. And it is something, which is of utmost importance, especially for women. Thus, eyebrow tweezing is one of the most important tasks for a woman in order to attain those perfect face contours. A lot can be expressed by woman’s eyes and having her eyebrows intricately plucked would only make it more possible. It would be enough to leave any heart pounding with the help of a slight raise of the steep and perfect arch of the eyebrow. However, the very procedure requires precision to carry out and due caution is to be exercised. It should also be mentioned, that the eyebrows are to be tweezed with a pair of good tweezers, which have a slant edge. And here comes the step – by – step instruction of how to have the eyebrows tweezed correctly:

tweeze_eye_browsThe first and the most important thing do to in the eyebrows tweezing process is to determine the correct shape of them;

In order to do it, you should know the starting point of your brows. With the help of a pencil of a brush holding on the sides of the nose find the point where it meets your eyebrows. This is the place wherefrom they are actually to begin.

Now the task is to determine the eyebrows’ ending point. And in order to do this, you should hold the pencil or brush diagonally form your nostrils and up to the outer edge of the eyes. The inner point signifies the very place, where your eyebrows are to end.

It is necessary to have the pores open before the eyebrows tweezing procedure. And this can be done with the help of alcohol or simply washing the eyebrows areas with hot water.

Stand in front of a mirror somewhere in an area, which is perfectly lit.

Begin the hair plucking procedure starting form the hair between the two brows. Then holding your skin taut you will have the hair removal easier and more defined.

First of all the extra hair, which grows under the brows are to be removed, than go for the hair, located above.

The hair is to be plucked in the direction in which they are going. It is necessary not to pluck too much hair at a time.

There is lots of patience, needed for the eyebrow tweezing procedure to be successful, as it is much advisable to look into the mirror each time a hair has been removed, if you want to prevent over – plucking, of course.

When you finish the hair plucking process, an astringent is to be applied in order to have the pores closed. It is even possible to apply some aloe vera gel, which will soothe the reddening on the skin.