Make-Up Tips when You Travel
Clear up essential make up tips which can help you keep your skin nourished, moisturized and hydrated when you travel.
Make-Up Tips when You Travel

It is a hard task to pack your bags when you are going for a trip. Most people pack a lot of clothes and shoes. You may face with a lot of problems when you need to choose skin care and beauty products. Your skin requires more care and more products when you travel then when you are at home. It is beneficial to look for multitasking products which are very compact.
make_up_travelHere are some make-up tips which can help you look great on the go:
1. You can find a cream blush which can be also used as a lip tint

2. To clean dirt and make-up you should take cleansing or refreshing wipes. With the help of these wipes you can easily remove waterproof mascara and at the same time your skin will be nourished and moisturized. They are especially useful during a long flight.

3. You need to take with you an all-in-one moisturiser with sunscreen and tint. The creams should have SPF 15 protection or higher. Such creams contain a pigment which can provide a great finished look without the heaviness of foundation.

4. You shouldn’t overstuff your make-up bag from day into evening. You can add a tough of shimmer to your face, body and even hair. You will be able to create a sexy night-time look in seconds.

5. Bring a few basics with you on the board. This will be beneficial in case if you lose your luggage. You can pack some products in your travel bag.

6. Drink a lot of water. Proper hydration is very important for your beauty.

7. You shouldn’t wear nail polish because it can chip easily when you carry your luggage. You can get 'buff' manicure instead of applying polish.

8. Take with you some peppermint or rosemary oil. The atmosphere in planes may seem stuffy. Rub a dab of essential oil on your temples in order to relieve congestion.

9. Your make-up should be minimal and it is necessary to take eye drops with you. You can get tired because of the stuffy air, long queues and hours on the go. Wilted eye make-up will create more tired look. If your eyes look too naked without make up you can curl them, apply a light mascara tint use a clear brow gel for your brows. Use eye drops if your eyes are dry or get red.

10. Before you begin your journey you can apply a leave-in conditioner. It should suit your hair type and shouldn’t weigh the hair down. The stresses and change of climate can dry out your hair and split ends can appear.

11. It is necessary to carry an eye gel or cream. It will help you keep the delicate skin around your eyes moisturised and prevent puffiness.

12. Give the preference to travel-size products because they won’t take much space and you can easily place there other essentials. This can be rything from mini nail polish remover pads, stain remover, deep-conditioning shampoo and others. Most soaps and shampoos provided by the hotels are harsh so it will be useful to take your own products.