Applying Tanning Lotions
Create a glowing, healthy, beautiful sun-kissed skin with the help of tanning lotion following the step by step guide.
Applying Tanning Lotions

To make your skin glow you can use tanning lotions. With the help of various self-tanners, tanning lotions, bronzers you can create a deep, healthy and glowing tan as if you have spend all your holiday in St. Tropez. The tanning lotion can't protect you from the sun like the self-tanners, so if you burn easily, they should be used very carefully. It should be mentioned that there is a big difference between a self-tanner, tanning lotion and a bronzer.

Tanning lotions are used to amplify the effects of ultraviolet rays and cause the production of melanin creating a deep and long-lasting tan.  Most tanning lotions contain special ingredients which moisturize and nourish your skin in deep.

tanning_lotionsThere are different kinds of tanning lotions which are created for different purposes, for example, tan extender lotions are used to continue the tanning process after direct sun exposure; sunless tanning lotion can add color to the skin without direct sun exposure; outdoor tanning lotions should be used at the beach; indoor tanning lotions are applied at salons, sun beds; bronzers can help you create an illusion of sun-kissed skin.

Self-tanners carry the same principle as dyes- you achieve darker and darker color with each use. They add tan and color to your skin for a certain period of time due to the component DihydroxyAcetone in them. The self-tanners react with the amino acids and the proteins creating a golden color gradually. This means that self-tanners can give you a temporary tan without sun exposure. There are different kinds of self-tanners: gel, cream, spray, mousse, lotion self-tanner and others.

Such products as bronzers are used to create the illusion of glowing and sun-kissed skin. After the application your skin achieves an additional hint of color. The tan which bronzers give is instant, your skin is highlighted and gets a darker shade.  

The Advantages from Using Taning Lotions
1. They can help you get a deep and long-lasting tan.

2. The tanning process can be controlled.

3. Help you avoid skin dehydration and sun burn

4. Your skin becomes moisturized, nourished and well conditioned.

5. The benefits of outdoor and indoor tanning are maximized.

6. They speed up the tanning process.

7. Add intensity to your tan.

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