Summer Make up Tips and Tricks
Summer is the season when the make up skills and tricks you know have a large impact on your look and how you percieve yourself. Look through a few make up tricks which can help you create even skin tone and showcase your most attractive features.
Summer Make up Tips and Tricks

Cosmetics is an important part of your summer beauty routine. Your skills and make up tricks you know can have a large influence on your look and how you percieve yourself.

You can fine-tune your beauty regimen with the help of make up tricks which can help you flatten your skin tone and show off your most attractive features. When your make up is finished it should be checked in bright lights or daylight to make sure that the colors are blened and the look is natural.

Applying Foundation
In warmer weather your foundation should be kept thin. In summer your skin tone may change that's why you should buy a bottle of your favorite brand in a darker color and mix it to match your skin. If the foundation is too heavy you can add some water or moisturizer to thin it out a bit.

Eye Shadow Tips
Lighter make up can help you accentuate a dark tan. There are eye shadows which can give you shimmer and glide on smoothly. To achieve instant, updated summer look you can complement a lighter creme eye-shadow with light lipstick or lip gloss.

To make your make up long lasting, you should apply pressed powder to your eyelids. The powder will soak any excess oil before you brush on the eye shadow and also prevent your shadow from creasing.

Today mascara is not as concervative as it was before. The brushes, colors and formulas are available for just about every situation and it is much easier for you to choose the appropriate color depending on whether you're a blonde, brunette or redhead.

Sumer is probably the only season when waterproof mascara is a must-have. For exercising or swimming use a waterproof mascara which can help you avoid the dreaded "black eye" syndrome.

The summer trends for the lips are: cool mauves, rose and pinks. You need to fill in the sparse lips with lip liner matching your lips and go just beyond your lip line to make them fuller. To achieve a daring look you can apply classic red. This color never goes out of style.

Use a lip plumper to pucker up your lips. It will increase the production of collagen and moisturize your lips instantly.  Your lips will become larger and the fine lines will decrease. Use a lip gloss to add volume and dimension to your lips.

Bronzing Powder is a Girl's Best Friend
Bronzer is not only a popular string of summer make up, it can be used in a variety of ways and at any time of the year. It can be applied to your face in order to play up a tan or fake it. Use it along the sides of your cheekbones or on each side of the nose to make them appear smaller.

Apply some bronzer on your shoulders to create a shimmer effect when you want to wear a strapless dress.