20 Tips for Gorgeous Skin
Get to know how pick up the right color of foundation or concealer to your face correctly. Read useful advice and find more interesting information for yourself.
20 Tips for Gorgeous Skin
gorgeous_skin1. Try to avoid applying foundation all over your face. In fact, there are very few people, who really need to have foundation applied all over their face. In most cases, it is simply necessary to have the foundation applied on the areas, where the skin tone is uneven, which is usually the area along the nose. Therefore, as for the winter time, when our cheeks have a tendency to ruddy, it is necessary to apply foundation on them as well.

2. Take a tinted moisturizer into consideration. There are quite a big number of people, who whom foundation go on too thick. These people, as well as the rest of others can apply tinted moisturizers instead of a foundation. The major reason of it is that these moisturizers provide much lighter coverage.

3. Blend foundation in a correct way. It is necessary to start the foundation blending process from the center of the face, and then blend it in an outward direction. Everyone is to blend the foundation from face to neck well, because otherwise people will easily notice the line between your natural skin tone and when the “mask face” finishes.

4. Choose the proper color and formula, appropriate for your skin tone. There is no need to repeat that while choosing the foundation, it is necessary to pick up the color, which is as close to the natural skin tone, as only possible. And it is quite a bad idea to try to make the complexion deeper with the help of foundation, simply because it will appear to be extremely obvious. Therefore, it is greatly advisable to consider two shades of foundation, one of which is for summer the period, when our skin naturally becomes darker, than it really is, and the second is for winter, when our skin is of a lighter shade. And it would also be extremely important to choose the right formula for everyone’s skin type. As for the oily skin, matte foundation would be the best decision, while people with dry skin should better try a hydrating formula.

5. Always apply concealer before foundation. It should also be pointed out, that concealer is generally to be used only for some definite face areas, such as along the nose, on the chin and under eyes. And another rule is once you have your concealer applied, there is no need to apply as much foundation.

6. It is possible to apply foundation with the help of a sponge, a brush, as well as with the help of your fingers. Actually, there is no wrong or right way of the foundation application, everyone can choose the one, she or he prefers. There are makeup artists, who consider that foundation is to be applied with special foundation brushes, because then it becomes possible to get into all the crannies, nooks and pores, located on the face. In order to conduct this procedure, it is necessary to put a glob of foundation or tinted moisturizer on the back of the hand and dab in a synthetic brush, after that have the foundation applied on the face.

Therefore, there are also makeup artists, who strongly believe that foundation is to be applied only with the fingers, because it gets warmed up, which, in its order, helps it melt into the skin better.
And, finally, as for the application of foundation with the help of a sponge, this way also has its advantages, because sponge is believed to provide the best and even coverage. Still, which way to choose, depends on you.

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