Homemade Skin Treatment
Get to know how to make your skin beautiful and healthy with simple beauty treatment receipts which can be prepared at home.
Homemade Skin Treatment

Every woman tends to look as attractive as possible. There are different simple beauty treatment receipts which can be easily made and used at home.

homemade_treatmentTo make a gentle exfoliator for sensitive skin you need to mix 1/2 cup cornmeal, 1/4 cup milk, two teaspoons baking soda, one tablespoon olive oil and add five drops of tea-tree oil in a bowl. After that you should apply this mixture on your skin.

If your palms are grainy you can mix glycerin and limejuice in equal proportion.

The scars on your hands and feet can be removed if you rub them with lemon peel. If your heels are cracked you can melt paraffin wax; mix it with mustard oil and apply on the problem area.

For the body massage you should combine coconut oil and any of favorite scented oils such as lavender or rosemary. Then it should be left overnight. After 10-15 days of its use you will notice that your heels become smooth.

For cracked heels you need to rub the foot with coconut oil and keep your foot in mild water for a while.

Lavender oil has very useful properties and can be used as relaxant, antispasmodic, tonic for the nervous system, antibacterial, analgesic, and antiseptic.

To create a homemade hair conditioner you should combine mashed avocado with a small amount of coconut milk. You need to comb the mixture through the hair and let sit for 10 -15 minutes, then rinse out.

If you want to protect your lips from drying you should use a ground mixture or rose petals and milk butter.

To prevent hair loss, try to have a biotin rich drink. You need to blend bananas with honey, yogurt and low fat milk. Drink this beverage for a several weeks.

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