How to Even Out Your Skin Tone
Read several important rules how to make you skin tone correctly. Browse through these simple and useful steps.
How to Even Out Your Skin Tone

skin-toneThere exists one unchangeable key to a flawless face – it is even skin tone. And even the most beautiful woman in the entire world needs a bit of help now and then. Remember, that getting you skin tone right is much more important than any other part of your makeup routine. The thing is to make your face look as if you are not wearing any makeup at all. Here come several rules of how to even out your skin tone.

Rule #1: Exfoliate

In case if your will avoid exfoliating in a daily or at least weekly basis, your skin will become covered with dead skin cells, which are mucking up the surface of your skin and which are the reason of your skin not only looking dull, but older as well. Moreover, without proper exfoliation being conducted, your foundation will not smooth over your skin cleanly and even the moisturizer will not soak in properly.

Excoliation is possible to be conducted with the help of special face scrubs, chemical peels, beta alpha hydroxyl pads, microdermabrasion, etc.

Rule #2: Prepare the Face

All foundation and tinted moisturizers would glide over a moisturized, plumped face so much better than a dry one. It is possible to have your face skin plumped up with the help of a primer with SPF (it should be pointed out that primers are considered to be The New Thing now for about a couple of years). In case if there is no primer in your house, you can also apply some moisturizer with SPF. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the SPF is at least 15.

Rule #3: Even Out Skin Tone

After you have applied the primer or moisturizer with SPF it is turn to apply foundation or tinted moisturizer (remember that tinted moisturizers have a tendency to be more sheer). No matter what you have chosen, it is necessary to make sure that the makeup product is blended perfectly into your skin. In case if it seems too light or dark, everyone will notice it. And one more tip: you should apply foundation or tinted moisturizer only to the areas, which really require it. As a rule these are the areas along the nose, on the cheeks and chin.

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