The Art of Shadowing
Here you will recognize the benefits of shadowing which is used to receed the unattractive areas and accentuate the most appealing ones.
The Art of Shadowing

If you can't create the same make up look as the rich and famous seem to be able to achieve you shouldn't fret too hard. There is no need to hire an expensive professional who can do your make up for you.  There is a simple little tool which can help you achieve this look- a brown eyes shadow pencil.

The brown eye shadow pencil is a great tool for shadowing. As your make up foundation is applied, use this pencil to draw lines on your face. After that blend the lines into the make up foundation to achieve a shadow effect in the area you lined. This may require some practice but the result are really worth the time an it is not that difficult as it may seem.

After you have applied your make up base, take a look in the mirror. Study what features should be diminished. The process of drawing lines on your skin and then blending your lines into your make up base is called «shadowing». Shadowing recedes the darkened areas and accents other areas of your face. Work with a pencil a bit to find out how much coloring it is necessary to achieve the results without going overboard. You need to start with your eyelids.

If your eyelids look puffy or appear a bit sunken, draw brown lines on your upper eyelids and then blend them into a shadow to make your lids a bit darker than the rest of your skin. But they shouldn't look made up. If you notice that there is no make up on them you have gone too far and need to blend some of the color out. Do one eye at a time and then look at the results. This trick can be also used to put an accent to your eyes an make them appear deeper and more sexy. Then try this technique on the other parts of your face.

If your nose is too wide, draw the lines down either side of your nose and blend. The sides of your nose should be shadowed. Again, do one side at a time and you cannotice how the shadow thins that wide nose.

If you have a bump the bridge of your nose it can be minimized by drawing the line there and then blending it.

If your face is too long apply the pencil to the bottom regions of the chin and jaw.

In case of a wide face, use the pencil to shadow the sides of your face. You can accentuate your cheekbones by drawing a line under them and then blending the lines into a shadow.

Once the area is shadowed stand back from the mirror several feet to see the achieved effect.  Don't forget when shadowing that people will usually be standing further from you than you are seeing yourself in the mirror. So, it is necessary to get some distance and check what looks good from a foot away should look the same from 10 feet away.

Shadow pencils are not costly and it is possible to start with one that costs as little as a dollar. The pencil shouldn't be extremely dark, choose one which is several shades darker than your skin. Try to find a pencil which is a basic brown and not a coppery color which can look like a make up on the skin. At the beginning you can buy inexpensive pencils until you realize which color suits you best an learn how to apply them correctly.

With practice you will find out all the areas of the face which need shadowing and can achieve professional results quickly. Once you have it right, you will probably find you won't ever be without your shadow pencil again.