Beauty Secrets for Teens
Here you can read useful tips for teenagers. Find important information how to take care of your skin correctly. Learn what your should and shouldn’t do for it.
Beauty Secrets for Teens

natural-makeup1. Skip the foundation. In case if you suffer from acne, the first thing, you usually want to do is to slather on the thick foundation. But remember, this is not the way out. Foundation is considered to be for women over 35. It does not only cover up your natural beauty, you should try to realize that foundation looks anything except natural on a teenager. This is why, instead of applying a thick cover of foundation, try to cover up all your blemishes with the help of a concealer and then follow with a powder or with some tinted moisturizer, as it would create much lighter effect than heavy foundations.

2. You pat concealer in, you never rub it in. When you apply concealer, you should put a bit of in on the pad of your middle finger and have it patted in, but never rubbed. In case if you suffer from acne, pat the concealer on top of each of them.

3. Play up either your lips or your eyes, but never both. In case if you have decided to apply some heavy eye makeup, such as create smoky eyes effect, you should go for nude lips with just a bit of lip gloss being applied on them. Therefore, if you like the drama or dark lipstick color, then try to keep your face as light as possible. Anyway, never line your lips in a color, which is darker than the color of your lip gloss or lipstick. You can do it by not applying any heavy shade of blush. In addition, making your eye makeup, apply some light eye shadow and only mascara, without having them heavily lined. In case if you try to play up your eyes along with your lips, you will most likely create the clown look.

4. Remember: less is more. Have you even noticed that some of your friends look much better without any makeup at all, rather than when they have some heavy one applied? There is no doubt, that too much makeup makes teenagers look worse. If you are going to apply blush, eye liner, foundation, powder, mascara, eye shadow, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss as an everyday makeup, you are overdoing it. Try to tone it down, because everything, you really need is some good mascara, lip gloss and concealer (in case if you have blemishes). As for the wintertime, you can add some pop of blush.

5. Natural hair is always hot. In case if your hair color is extremely dark, you have make your appearance lightened by going some shade darker or getting lighter highlights, especially in order to have your face framed. Nowadays there are lots of teenagers, who lighten their hair several shades and their look can become super tacky, rather then super fabulous. The trick is to let people see that you were born with sun – kissed hair color, and not that you gave yourself a bad dye job from some bottle.

6. Vaseline is your best friend. Vaseline is truly considered to be one of the greatest and cheapest eye makeup removers. In addition, it would also be perfect for fixing chapped and scaly lips. You can apply it by slathering on a bunch of Vaseline and they massage your lips with the toothbrush. After the procedure simply wipe the excess off on some tissue. This will give your lips this so much desired smooth and soft look.

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