Make up for Runners
Enquire basic and helpful make up tricks and recommendations for runners which can help avoid an artificial look and enhance your natural beauty while you are running.
Make up for Runners

Many people find the idea to wear make up while running controversial. However professional make up artists state that since most women look better while wearing make up so they can feel better and exercise more effectively. While the others argue that wearing make up while training can clog the pores and lead to the formation of breakouts.

Due to the huge variety of  waterproof and smudge- proof cosmetics you can avoid post workout make up disasters. Look through some useful hints: 

runners_makeupProtecting your Face
Presentday technology gives the opportunity to the cosmetics manufacturers to produce products which don't clog pores. There are also some kinds of make up that are useful for your skin. For instance, most waterproof foundations have a sunscreen which is essential for every women who prefers exercising outdoors.  Select the color which suits your skin tone and give the preference to those foundations which don't contain bronzers an highlighters. You can also use a powder after the foundation is applied. But apply just a little touch of powder  to avoid the "pancake look." Also if you use too much power it may lead to the excessive perspiration. The same applies to a blush. Due to running you will have a natural bit of color on your cheeks that's why avoid going overboard while applying the blush. It is not recommended to use too much glitter because it may have a silly look in the sunlight. 

Eye Make up
Many runners who wear make up often suffer from the "raccoon look" which is the result of mascara that decides that it would also enjoy a "running workout." To avoid these problems you can look for waterproof, smudge proof and sweat proof mascaras and eye shadows on the market. But don't apply very thick coats of these products, use a light touch instead. Some runners apply mascara only on the upper lashes and don't touch the lower lashes. If you wear contact lenses make sure that the mascra and eye shadow you have chosen are hypoallergenic. You should also avoid dramatic colors in your eye make up because you will be seen in the daylight. But if you prefer  evening workouts use the colors which could complement your outfit or choose make up shades which fit your eye color.

Beautiful Lips
Waterproof lipsticks which are presented in bulk on the today's market are not recommended for runners because they can dry out your lips. Instead, use a moisturizing lip gloss in a natural shade.

Removing your Make up
Use a cyclomethicone-based oil-free, non-stinging make-up remover to take off your make up. These products are helpful in removing waterproof foundation, mascara and eye shadow.