How to Remove your Make up
Clear up how to remove your make up effectively using make up remover and also browse through the alternative inexpensive ways of removing eye make up.
How to Remove your Make up

First of all you need to remove eye make up. Apply eye make up remover on a cotton ball, follow the instruction on the use of make up remover and remove all traces of eye make up by weeping each eye gently until the make up dissolves. Then place a cotton ball just below your lower eye lashes and make sure that all eye make up is removed.

You should choose a cleanser which matches your skin type or remove the rest of your make up with a face make up remover. You can rinse your face in warm water with proper face cleanser.

Use a towel to pat your face dry. Then apply a face tonner and a proper face night cream. Also to rejuvenate the eye area you can apply a nourishing eye cream.

remove_makeupIf buying make up removers is a big expense for you look through these cheap and effective options to remove your eye make up:
• Olive Oil or Almond Oil: It is a great opportunity to remove your eye make up in a safe and natural way and at the same time condition your lashes.

To remove your eye make up you need to soak a cotton ball with olive or almond oil and wipe over eye area. The excess oil can be removed with a warm damp washcloth. To make the proceure more luxurious warm the olive oil before applying.

• Vaseline can be also used to remove make up from your eyes.
With your fingers apply a small amount of vaseline over the eye area. Then remove the vaseline and eye make up using a damp, warm wash cloth. This method will allow you to remove your eye make up quickly an easily. 

• Cold Cream. There are many different kinds of cold creams which can be used to remove eye make up and also conition the skin around the eyes.

With your fingers apply cold cream to eye area an then remove the cream an eye make up with a damp, warm washcloth. 

• Disposable, pre-moistened eye make up remover tissues. This is the quickiest and most convenient way to remove eye make up.

You need to wipe the eye area using the pre-moistened tissue.

• Tips for Sensitive Skin
Baby shampoo or baby oil are great tools for removing eye make up as well as conditioning the lashes. These products are very gentle on sensitive skin.

Take a cotton ball soaked in either baby shampoo or baby oil and apply it to the eye area. Then your eyes should be rinsed with a damp, warm washcloth.