How to Use Red in Make up
Red is known as the hottest color. Let's find out what is the best way to incorporate red in your make up.
How to Use Red in Make up

Red is a great color which is very hepful in creating dramatic effect in your make up. It draws attention to a person wearing it and it should be also mentioned that it is the most misused, misunderstood color in the make up field. So, let's discover the mystery of red color in your make up.

In most cases women use red for their lips. However this color can either look great, or horrible. What red works for you? To get the answer on this question you should look at the shade of your lipstick.

Lipsticks have various undertones i.e. colors which are seen underneath the red. Red lipsticks can have such undertones as:
yellow/orange (warm)

pink/blue/purple (cool)

brown (neutral).

Yellow and orange undertones are used to make the red lipstick warm in tone and are suitable for all skin tones. They can warm up the complexion and create a clear skin tone.

Pink, blue and purple undertones make the tone cool and they are recommended for women with light skin.

Browns are considered as universal because they will look great on everyone.

What color would look great on you?
Study your skin tone avoiding any red in your skin because red is considered a discoloration, not a skin tone. The more yellow or brown you see in your skin, the more likely it is that you should use warmer tones.

If yellow tone is absent or you have a fairy pale skin tone you should give the preference to the cool undertones.

Note! Warm colors always look softer, lighter, more romantic while cool colors have more dramatic, sharp, clear look.

What kind of a look are you looking for?
Here is the newest and trendiest way to wear red lipstick. You need to dab it on as a tint and apply a slick of gloss over it. Don't try to achieve an ideal lip line it should look as natural as possible. 

Red is also a very popular color for blush but in a soft, see-through way. You should apply it on the apples of your cheeks which can add a fresh, healthy and happy look.

Smile, and dab a dot of red lipstick or cream blush. Then, using a circular motion, blend it toward your ear. Set with a dusting of loose powder if necessary.

In order not to overwhelm with red, stick to one favorite feature of your face and keep the rest of your make up nude, soft and shimmering. And pretty soon red will become your favorite color.