How to Hide Large Pores
Here you will find several simple steps which help you hide large pores. Read useful information and develop your knowledge about this problem.
How to Hide Large Pores

clear_faceThere is no doubt that enlarged pores have become quite an issue of concern for lots of women of a wide age range, as well as of any type of skin. Still, most of all suffer those women, who have oily or combination skin. And it is considered that there is only one way to prevent enlarged pores from getting clogged – it is to fallow the strict skin care rules exactly. And these rules include such procedures as skin cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing.

Unfortunate it is, but there does not exist any way to make larges pores invisible, or at least make them less or shrink them somehow; therefore, there are several products, with the help of which it is quite possible to minimize the enlarged pores appearance. Moreover, one should also simply keep in mind some useful makeup secrets of making large pores look smaller and apply them on.

Here are several simple steps, of makeup application, which are, in case if followed correctly, will help to hide your large pores and to achieve a flawless look.

Step 1. Cleanse and tone your face

You should never – ever forget about cleansing your face before you begin to apply your makeup. In order to do it you can use some gentle cleanser and remove all the impurities and oil excess from your face with the help of a cotton pad. Then tone the skin with a toner, appropriate for the type of your skin. You should keep in mind to use the toner lavishly, especially in case if you have oily or combination skin. Toner is also to be applied with a cotton pad and it is to be wiped up until the face becomes to feel and look perfectly clean.

Step 2. Use an ice cube or cool water to “shrink“ enlarged pores

You have probably already known that cold makes things become less or shrink. The same with your pores: run an ice cube all over your face. This will make your face moisturized and refreshed and the pores will become less visible. And even if there is no ice cube available, still, you can simply splash some cold water on your face, as it produces nearly the same effect.

Step 3. Apply moisturizer

The next step is to have your moisturizer applied. It is one of the most necessary pre – makeup application steps, because moisturizer makes a kind of a protective barrier, which traps moisture in the skin. In addition, it plumps and comforts your skin, and the foundation will be blended easier as well. And the amount you use is what important here. You should neither use too much nor too little of it.

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