Applying Make up for Photography
Find out how to apply make up properly in order to look stunning on the photographs.
Applying Make up for Photography

You have always been wondering why all celebrities look so gorgeous on photos no matter where they are and what the moment is. The truth is that photography make up is a bit different from your everyday make up. 

The lighting should be natural, look for a place near a big window with lights coming in.

If you want to take a photograph outdoors it should be done around 4pm to 5pm, when the sun is about to set. On the soft lighting you will look more attractive.

Preparing your skin for the make up application:
It is crucial that yur face could be properly exfoliated, toned and moisturized before you begin to apply your make up.

You should also control the excess oil, try to use oil free formulated products.

makeup_photographyChoosing Foundation:
You should use a thick foundation rather than sheer because it will cover all blemishes you have.

Don't forget to blend the foundation from chin to neck area so that they have the same color.

Apply a lot of powder on your face and reapply it between shots to achieve matte finish.

Choose the concealer which is two shades lighter than your skin tone in order to cover all the blemishes and dark spots. Concealer should be applied before the foundation.

Your cheeks and eyes should be contoured in order to create a sculpted look. The foundation should be 2 to 3 shades darker than normal skin tone.

Eye Make up:
With a light shadow highlight eyebrow bones to make your eyes lively. It is not recommended to use eye shadow which is too frosty or contains a lot of shimmer because it will appear shiny on the phtographs. Apply your eyeliner precisely and use waterproof mascara.

The colors of your lipstick and liner should be of matching color and in a shade darker than your natural lip color.