Make Up Myths and Truths
Examine the six common make up myths and the truths that reveal them. Read useful recommendations which can help you apply your make up correctly.
Make Up Myths and Truths

Myth 1 Wearing make up every day is harmful to your skin.
This statement is false. Make up is necessary fro protecting your skin from harmful sun’s rays, wind and the dust. Many make up products include moisturizing and nourishing ingredients which are beneficial for your skin during the day. Modern foundations, face powders and even lip glosses have a sun protection on – SPF 15 or higher which protect your skin from the exposure of the sun’s rays and protect your skin from discolorations or sunburns.

makeup_mythsMyth 2 Your eyes will look bigger with black eyeliner.
In fact it is not true. The dark shades make your eyes seem smaller. If you want that your eyes appear bigger you should use lighter colors such as brown, gray, violet. Before you apply the mascara you should line the inner rims of your eyes with a white pencil. This is necessary for opening the eyes and creating the illusion of bigger eyes.

Myth 3 If you don’t wear make up your face can be cleaned only with water.
Throughout the day or while you are sleeping your skin produces a lot of oils and the dead skin cells. When you are out your skin absorbs a lot of dust which can cause different breakouts and blemishes such as pimples, large pores, blackheads, whiteheads. So it is crucial to cleaned it well. You need clean your face at least twice a day with mild cleansers and facial toners that fit your skin type and age.

Myth 4 Your lashes will become brittle if you use waterproof mascara.
It is not so. Waterproof mascara contains a lot of proteins and vitamins. It also includes silicone oils which serve as a protective coat for the lashes and nourish them. It is difficult to remove the waterproof mascara but you won’t have any problems if you buy good make up remover.

Myth 5 The eyelash curlers are harmful to your lashes.
This statement is wrong. If you know how to use them properly they won’t do any harm to your lashes. You eyes can appear wider, brighter and longer if you use an eyelash curler. Use eyelash curler before applying the mascara. Position the curler gently on the tip lashes and repeat the movements until you achieve the desired look. The edges of curler should be squeezed carefully and then you need to hold for a few seconds and gently release the curler from the lashes.

Myth 6 Cream blush is better than a powder blush.
It depends on the type of your skin. The powder blush is suitable for oily skin and must be applied with the help of a big, round brush.

A cream blush fits women with normal or dry skin. You should apply the cream with a makeup sponge or with your fingertips.