Make up during Monsoons
Discover which type of make up should be applied in monsoons in order to avoid smudging and look beautiful during this period.
Make up during Monsoons

There is a risk that dense makeup would be smudged and washed out in monsoons, this is why light and sheer make up is much more preferable. Waterproof mascara, transfer – resistant lipsticks and waterproof liners are to be applied. If it is a must for someone, even waterproof foundation should be used. Here are some more useful tips to keep you pretty when it is raining cats and dogs outside:

Wash and cleanse your face in a thorough way and after that rub an ice cube on your face for about 5 minutes in order to lower the sweating rate so, that the makeup would stay on for some longer period of time.

monsoonsIf someone’s skin is oily, it would be advisable to apply astringent, while women, whose skin is dry to normal, can use toner after the face – with – ice – rubbing process to cool the skin and refresh it.

It would be good to try to avoid using foundation, if possible; instead of it powder can serve as the base for the makeup.

Sheer film or light brown, beige, pastel or pink cream eye shadow can be applied with a thick line of eyeliner along with a coat or even two of waterproof mascara.

During monsoons soft matte lipsticks are much more preferable for the great majority of women, though, it is also possible to apply a soft brown or even pink shade with sheer gloss.

Water – based moisturizers should not be neglected and they are to be applied during rainy seasons, as they help to keep away the oily skin, acne, as well as water loss, which occurs in the result of perspiration.

Hairstyles are to be kept as simple and easy as possible. The reason of it is that elaborate hairstyles are much more difficult to manage and redo and limp dump hair would not look good with them. Bangs and layered hairstyles would be the best to use instead.

In case if blush is a must, it is to be kept as light as possible and it is to b blended as well as possible. Pink, peach and brown shades of cream brush are considered to be the best to be applied during the monsoons.

During this period of time the eyebrows should better be kept in shape with threading and hair gel them, as eyebrow is not to be used during a downpour.

Hair is to be washed in a regular manner, as well as the scalp is to be massaged; these are the necessary procedures to perform in order to avoid dandruff and other hair problems.

It is necessary to keep in mind, that denims are not designed for monsoons; light cotton fabrics, Capri pants and three fourths should be worn instead.

All kinds of raincoats and all possible designs of umbrellas become in fashion. It would be perfect to get some in cheer and happy colors.

White and all shades of light colors are easy to become muddy, this is it would be useful to avoid wearing any of them on.

Throw all your leather boots and high heels somewhere at the back and wear all kinds of sneakers and sandals.