Men Make up Application Tips
Browse through these simple and useful steps on applying make up for men and get to know how to use it correctly.
Men Make up Application Tips

Nowadays makeup products are designed not only for women. There are more and more men makeup lines appear and they seem to develop rather rapidly. And here is the special gentleman’s guide, which will show how to apply makeup for men correctly.

applying_men_makeupStep 1:
Get to know what it would be necessary for you to produce that appearance of your dream. Usually man’s makeup products list includes:
A fine makeup brush;
Concealer or foundation;
Cosmetic pads;
Lip balm;
Matte powder;

Step 2:
Find a concealer, which fits you. It is necessary that the concealer would be one shade lighter than the natural skin tone. When bying a concealer, a little of it should be dabbed on the hand to see how it compares to the skin tone. It should be noted, that it is necessary to check the tone of a concealer in daylight, rather than under fluorescent light.

Step 3:
It is the perfect idea to wath the face using the exfoliator with some amount of warm water in the morning. The exfoliator is to be applied using circular motions. It is necessary to exfoliate, as this procedure helps to remove dead skin cells and makes the pores unblocked.
However, one should remember never to use exfoliator soon after shaving, because this may result in redness and irritation. In case if there is a necessity to shave every morning, then exfoliator should be applied only to the areas of the face, which are not shaved.
As soon as the exfoliating procedure is done, it is necessary to rinse the face with much of warm water.

Step 4:

With the use of exfoliator, all dead skin cells are removed, as well as the pores are unblocked. However, everyone should remember that it also strips the skin of its natural oils. And it is a moisturizer, with the help of which it becomes possible to replace these lost natural oils.

Step 5:
Apply toner
In order to have your toner better applied, it is necessary to dampen a cosmetic pad by runnin it under warm water and then sqeeze thewater ou of the pad. Put some toner on the pad and then run over your face in a light manner. With the help of toner, it becomes possible to have the pores, which were opened during the exfoliation process, closed.

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