Makeup Guide
Look through info about choosing the correct formulas and shades, different techniques for a variety eye shapes, and learn how to assemble your palette with our step-by-step guide.
Makeup Guide

non-ordinary_makeupMakeup application step-by-step
 always apply makeup only to clean skin;  
b) be sure that you have all the proper makeup tools and products you need;
c) apply makeup only in a well-lighted room;
d) use a increasing mirror to check your blending and overall smoothness.

Step 1: Foundation
Select a foundation for your skin type that entirely suits your skin tone. You must use the plain and smooth surface of a round, compact artificial sponge. Then pour some foundation onto the sponge and carry the foundation in dots and dabs over the face and the eyelids. Also you can do it with your fingers (transfer the foundation in dots from the bottle to the face). Consider taking your sponge and blend the foundation down and out over the face. Use the clean side of the sponge to dab or buff away any excess product. And do not apply foundation on the neck or under the chin.

Step 2: Concealer
You have to use a concealer that is lighter than your foundation in one or two shades. Apply it in a small arc around the inside corner of the eye. Use your fingers or a concealer brush to blend the concealer out precisely by dabbing and buffing. Do not apply the concealer onto areas where you don’t want it and on the skin under the eye. You can apply concealer to the eyelid in two cases:
a) if that area is more dark;
b) if your concealer helps eyeshadow cling better.
If you want to conceal facial discolorations (freckles, blemishes, or red spots) you can use a concealer that matches or is just slightly lighter than your natural skin tone.

Step 3: Powder  
After applying the foundation and concealer, you can use a light layer of powder over the entire face and eyelids. You have to do it with a large, full, round brush. Don’t use a sponge or powder puff, which can put too much powder onto the face. Take some of the powder on the full end of the brush, shake off the excess, and brush your face down and out.
You must apply a powder with sunscreen generously because it is necessary for full protection from the sun. The best for you is to use a powder with sunscreen in combination with a foundation and/or moisturizer that also gives sun protection.

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