Makeup and Age
Read this article and get to know why women wear make up. Browse through this general guide on what kind of make up should women wear in accordance with their age.
Makeup and Age
There exist three general reasons why women wear all these different types of makeup:

  1. Women apply makeup in order to provide protection of their skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, which can become the reason of skin damage and aging. There is SPF, which shields the skin from being exposed to the ultraviolet rays, present in the majority of nowadays makeup products.

  2. Women apply makeup in order to hide whatever blemishes they have on the face. To these blemishes may be referred birthmarks, dark spots, pimples, puffy eyelids, scars, some unsightly moles, wrinkles, etc. With the help of a professionally applied makeup, it is possible to conceal and take the eyes away from any of these problems simply by putting highlight on something other, which is has more presentable features.

  3. Women apply makeup in order to enhance the best features of their faces. There is no doubt, that beautiful eyes or cheeks, or naturally pouting lips deserve to be made yet more beautiful with the help of mascara, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, etc.

teenagares_makeupHowever, no matter whatever reason a woman has for applying makeup, there is one extremely important thing to be kept in mind – makeup is to be kept as naturally looking, as it is only possible, and everyone is to wear makeup, which suits her age.

Here comes the general guide on what kind of makeup should women wear in accordance with their age.

Teenagers: from 15 to 19 years old. There is no doubt, that the youth is the greatest asset of any teenager, this is why the makeup should play up this young age, rather then hiding it. It should also be noted, that teenage years are the very point in the life of every human being, when the hormones are trying to get their groove going, this is why it is necessary to apply such cosmetic products, which would not become the reason of acne breakdowns.

Thus, the foundation should be oil – free, sheer and most preferably water – based. One should try to opt for a natural look with the help of natural eye shadows application, and it is much advisable to go as easy on the mascara, as possible. As for the blush, gel blush would be the best decision to try to get the natural glow on the face, which is considered to be the sing of youth. Therefore, in case of an oily skin, one should rather apply a powder blush. Another useful piece of advice is to keep the lipstick or lip gloss a little bit tinted.

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