Some Tricks for You Make Up
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Some Tricks for You Make Up
tricks_for_your_makeupUse a moisturizer.

You should always remember about putting on some moisturizer before you begin to apply the makeup. moisturizers help to protect your skin form such harmful factors, as sun, cold, wind, as well as from different kinds of the environmental pollutants. They also act by nourishing your skin. Besides, they make the skin plumped and comforted and make the foundation easier to be blended smoothly and to stay on for a longer period of time. Moreover, moisturizers are considered to improve the quality of the skin and also act like a protective layer, with the help of which the moisture gets trapped in the skin, thus, it does not evaporate.

You should begin to apply the moisturizer from the center of your face and up and out, in order to give your face a bit of a lift. After you have applied the moisturizer, you should wait for about 3 minutes, before beginning to apply the foundation, in order it got soaked.

In case if you have oily skin, you should use oil – free and non – comedogenic moisturizers. In case if your skin is sensitive, you should use a moisturizer, which is designed specifically for sensitive skin. Besides, people with sensitive skin should better use fragrance – free moisturizers and avoid the ones, which contain any potential allergens.

In case if your skin is dry, you should use somewhat heavier moisturizer, which is hypoallergenic and based on oil. There are lots of different moisturizers, elaborated for dry skin, which provide nourishment, soothing, calming effects.

Use a makeup primer.

It is considered that the makeup would stay put on for a longer period of time, if a makeup primer is used. As for the very makeup primers, they have appeared on the market quite recently, and they are aimed at making our skin prepared for the makeup application. Most of makeup primers are oil – based and fragrance – free, and their gel formula makes the application even and precise. And they are the best choice for people with oily or combination skin, because they help to control excess shine, as well as absorb the oil. With the help of a makeup primer, the skin is pampered and a special protective base is created for a long – lasting and natural looking foundation application and wear. Yet, the makeup primers create a smooth and perfect surface, which also helps the makeup stay on longer.

A primer is to be applied after the moisturizer and before the foundation. it is to be applied with the fingers specifically to the areas, where you know the makeup does not last long. These areas are usually chin, eyelids, lips, or in some people, all over the face. After it is applied, let it sink in for about five minutes or so.

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