Make up Looks
Here you will find a wide range of various make up looks which are created to suit different occasions and environments, from the office to a dressy evening function.

Make up Looks
makeup_looksIt has never been easy to master an art of make up.  You can learn to create various make up looks for different occasions - whether you are aiming for dramatic forties glitz, a swinging sixties monochrome effect, pretty pastels or a natural look. Just try to follow these useful step-by-step beauty tips in order to apply perfect make up for the most gorgeous results.

Read this interesting and essential information on makeup tips, cosmetic products and make up artists secrets  that will help you highlight your natural beauty with emphasis on proper use of beauty and makeup products and an update on the latest cosmetics products and tips.

5 Make up Musts for the Prom
Discover how to create gorgeous prom make up which can accentuate your natural beauty and youth and learn how to avoid common make up mistakes.
Applying Metallic Make up
Learn the basics of applying metallic make up which suits great for a special event and adds a glamorous shimmer to your features.
Basics of Office Make up
Get to know the main rules of office make up and learn how to apply it correctly. Examine the difference between office make up and party make up.
Casual Make up
Read these make up tips and learn how to apply casual make up properly in order to look beautiful and natural throughout the day.
Classic Make up Tips
Classic make up is soft and beautifully balanced. Find out a few ground rules which should be followed to create a timeless classic look.
Creating Theatrical Make Up
Discover how to do theatrical make-up which can hide all problem areas on your skin and can make you unrecognizable. Create different characters using theatrical cosmetics.
Day Vs Evening Make up
Here you will determine the difference between the day and evening make up and learn the basic make up rules which can help you create gorgeous look and don't let you overdo with your make up.
Different Moods with Make up
Let's find out how to create different looks with the help of make up which can suit your mood.
Exotic High Fashion Make up
Achieve a look and style of your favorite movie star using exotic trendy make up following these simple recommendations.
Glowing Winter Make up
If you are wondering how to change your make up from playful summer hues to dramatic winter shades, these useful tips on color and cosmetic products will help you look radiant and beautiful during the winter.
How to Apply Make up for a Date
Every woman wants to look gorgeous at the date. Find out how to choose the approprite make up look for this special and romantic day.
How to Create Gold Make Up
Investigate how to create fabulous glow and glamorous shine to your skin with the help of gold make up. Examine the tips how to add a touch of gold to your eyes, face and lips.
How to Create the 60s Eye Make Up
Discover how to create the 60s eye make-up following the step-by-step recommendations.
How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow
Get to know how apply blue eye shadow correctly. Read useful tips which help you create glamorous and sparking look.
Make Up Tips for the Prom
If you want to look outstanding and gorgeous at your prom explore these crucial make-up suggestions which can help you do your make-up perfectly and correctly.
Natural Make up Application Tips
Explore the basics of applying natural make up and read useful recommendations which can help you enhance your natural beauty and create glowing skin.
Nude Make up
To create an innocent, peachy, barely-there look you should try nude make up. Nude make up is a great choice for warm summers. Learn more about nude make up and ways to achieve the perfect pout.
Oscar Winner Make up Tricks
Discover how to achieve the outstanding and glowing look of the Oscar winner with the help of make up tricks given by the make up experts.
Party Make up Tips
Learn how to apply party make up an look through useful make up tips which can help you create glamorous and sparkling look.
Punk Eye Make up
The main advantage of punk eye make up is that it brings you a surprisingly versatile look. Discover the main tricks of creating this unique, dramatic and vivacious look.
Rock Star Make up Tips
Today, the latest craze in style is the rocker girl look. Look through some tips which can turn you into a rock star.
Stage Make up
Create the most appealing stage make up like a professional make up artist following these recommendations.
The 1920s Make up Style
Explore how the attitude to make up an its style changed since the beginning of 1920. Learn the basic rules of the 1920s make up.
The 80's Make up Tips
Learn how to achieve the 80's make up style which is known as one of the trendiest and most interesting looks that has always amused everyone.