Make up Tips to Look 10 Years Younger
Aging is a timeless process which is dreaded to most of people. Here are simple make up and hair tricks which can help you take the years off your complexion without the need of plastic surgery or other painful procedures.
Make up Tips to Look 10 Years Younger

When a woman thinks of aging she worries how she will look to others and if she can meet the expextations of the people who are important for her.  So when you look younger you also feel younger and better about yourself.  You can notice how you can turn back the hands of time  by yourself following these great tips. 

It is known that grey hair is a common culprit which adds extra years to your age. However if you choose the wrong hair style it can also make you look older.

If you want to disguise the wrinkles on your forehead you need to add bangs. The bangs can be of various kinds and can provide a variety of options without being stuck with the once simple straight across the forehead bangs.

If you need to hide the soften jawline choose the style that layers around your neck in order to focus the attention away from this area. You can also add a few short layers on top of your crown. This will add volume and focus away from any sagging areas.

If you don't like your crows feet yu need to add layers which could frame your face and hide the lines.

If you want to wear a long hair it should be layered. Layering long hair will make you look fresh and give you a face-lift.

You should change the hair colour and cut. This trick will take years off your appearance and you won't be stuck in a rut.

Make up Tricks
You will look years younger with these simple make up tricks.

You can give your eyes an instant lift if you shape your eyebrows. You can buy stencils to try on different brows and create brows which suit you perfectly.  You should give the preference to the brow powder because this will fill in your brows and soften the features. 

Also you need to lighten your brows a shade or two to soften your face.   If your eyebrows are grey, ask hair colorist to color them. 

It is also important to use concealer. You should look for creamy one which contains  a peach or yellow undertone to remove the bluish cast under your eyes. Don't buy  concealers which are lighter than the tone of your skin.

When you apply your foundation with powder you should use a light touch. If you apply too much it will settle into the lines and highlight them.

You need to apply a cream blush instead of the powdery one. Power blush will draw attention to the lines.

The lipcolour should be light. Darker listicks can make you look harsh and accentuate your problem areas. To make your lips appear fuller you can add a touch of gloss to the inside of he bottom part of the lip.

Your foundation should be moisture-rich and when you don't wear it use a moisturizer to keep your skin looking fresh and well hydrated. The foudation should be applied only when it is necessary. Don't apply it on fine lines.
With the help of these useful tips and a healthy diet plan you will be able to minimize and even slow down the process of aging. All you need is a little patience and time. However, whatever the other can say aging can also be a great thing.