Lipstick: Types, Colors and Tricks
Discover the main types of lipstick formulas and browse through tips on choosing appropriate lipstick color and also useful lipstick tricks.
Lipstick: Types, Colors and Tricks

There is a lot to be decided on before one picks out a lipstick, which would fit all the woman’s needs. It is good to have an idea of what benefits one wants from the lip color before lying down the money for it. To other important things, every woman should be aware of, how she wants her lipstick to perform, what kind of color will look and feel best to her and how to apply her lipstick to best flatter her lip type, are referred.

There exist several types of lipstick formulas; each of them provides different benefits. Here are the most common of them, outlined below:

types_colors_lipstickCream lipstick means that its formula contains some light waxes, such as candelilla, which has a tendency to preserve lips from getting over dried. Therefore, the formula of this kind of lipstick lasts for some shorter periods of time.

Frosted lipstick means that the lipstick will be glimmery, shimmery and iridescent. These qualities are because of the light – reflecting ingredients, contained in the formula.

Long Wearing lipstick means that this kind of lipstick would stay put for up to six hours, though, it may also feel somewhat dry. This is why the women, who prefer these lipsticks, should look for some long – wearing formulas, which also contain such moisturizers like aloe and Vitamin E in order to balance the dryness. 

Matte lipstick means that it will be colorful, though opaque, making the pigments flat and non – shiny. This is also often a drying formula.

Moisturizing lipstick means that this type of lipstick looks smooth and shiny because as a rule there are moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe and Vitamin E, contained in its formula. It should be pointed out, however, that moisturizing lipsticks usually last for a shorter period of time, compared with the other formulas.

Satin or Sheer lipstick means that it will provide glossy effect; besides, and this kind of lipstick is full of moisture. Therefore, it requires to be reapplied lots of times. As a rule there is high oil content in Satin or Sheer lipsticks and they look somewhat darker in the tube, than they appear to be on the woman’s lips.

Transfer – resistant lipstick means that this is the lipstick which should last up to eight hours, unless a woman is eating something, which is greasy or oily. And although this does not mean that the lipstick’s color will come off completely, though it can become to feel dry on the lips.

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