Perfect Lipstick Color
Get to know how to choose the appropriate lipstick color correctly. Read useful advice and discover which ingredients serviceable for your lipstick.
Perfect Lipstick Color

lipstick_colorEvery woman and young girl should be extremely careful while choosing the appropriate lip color. It would even be good to try it in some cosmetic salon before going out somewhere, because there it is possible to get all the necessary assistance in the lip choices. Still, women, who have large lips, should prefer applying muted colors, such as different shades of purples, browns bronzes, while women, who have thinner lips should better apply lipstick of light colors.

Women with light blond hair will look their best, if they apply lipstick of such colors as wine, berry, cappuccino and mauve, while coral, apricot and all shades of peach are considered to be suitable lipstick shades for women, whose colors are blond with a golden hue. As for the blond – haired women with sport olive skin tone, they warm peach, brown and terracotta are the lipstick shades, most suitable for them. As for redheaded women, they may apply practically any warm lipstick colors, such as all possible shades of cinnamon, peachy brown and terracotta, at the same time different shades of terracotta, cinnamon, as well as reds with hints of brown are considered to be the best lipstick colors for brunettes.

It is possible to make the lipstick smudge resistant and matte by having blotted the excess color on lips with the help of one sheet of two - ply tissue, reapplying the lipstick and then having blotted it again in order to have the excess of oils absorbed. It should also be pointed out, that mature women should better not apply any matte shade of lipstick, because even a little gloss makes their lips look softer than they really are and the lipstick helps to keep the lipstick from getting melted. In case if the lipstick ever gets slipped from the hands and makes a stain on the clothes, some glycerin should be applied on the area and rubbed around in a gentle way; after that simply wash it out in as usually. In order to make an instant makeover, one can try some pink creamy blush in order to add some rosiness to the cheeks and lids and after that apply plump shade of a lipstick on the lips, and you are ready to flaunt your beauty.

It is a widely known fact that sheer application of any colored lip gloss on such areas as lips, cheeks and eyes makes a woman look quite subtle and sexy, while a clear lip balm is considered to be the best thing for the everyday use. Remember that all shades of glitter lipstick, as well as lip glosses makes your lips highlighted immensely, and are considered to be for special events, as well as for funky night parties only, while some light film of pink or red lipstick provides nearly every woman with the look of that carefree beauty. And in case if someone wants to become an attention – grabbing vampires, who is hot and trendy these days, this woman should apply two coats of a bloody red lipstick and have a lip liner of the same color applied in order to make precise lip lines.

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