Top Tips to Have Beautiful Lips
Here are some great recommendations on how to take care of the skin of the lips properly and useful make up tricks which can help you create perfect and beautiful lips.
Top Tips to Have Beautiful Lips

1. Exfoliate Gently
The skin of the lips is truly considered to be the most sensitive organ on the face; this is why it is possible that common facial scrubs can be too irritating. In order to remove dead skin from the lips, it is advisable to try rubbing a soft and dry toothbrush over the lips about one or two times a week. It should also be noted, that all kinds of lip treatments, in which there is salicylic acid contained, are also able to peel off the dead skin without any harm.

2. Add Moisture
Before applying any lipstick on the lips, they should be moisturized with the help of some lip balm. However, one should keep in mind to avoid all these cheap kinds of flavored lip balms, simply because they may tempt someone to lick the lips, which may lead to chapping. In case if the lips got cracked to bleeding, it is necessary to conduct treatment with 1 percent hydrocortisone cream and some over the counter antibacterial ointment, for example Polysporin.

beautiful_lips3. Stop Lipstick Bleeding
It would be good to apply some long – wearing lipstick, as it is considered to be less likely to seep into the lines around the mouth. Therefore, it is also possible to lock the usual lipstick into its place, if there would be one layer of foundation, which is followed by a layer of lipstick, and then it is necessary to dust around the mouth with powder. However, it is necessary to mention, that this trick will not work either with sheer lipstick or glosses, because base distorts their color.

4. Make It Last
Although there is one obvious solution – it is to apply some transfer – resistant formula lipstick; however, in case if someone does not like their matte finish, then this woman should apply some neutral lip liner, in order not to end up with a mere ring around the mouth, after the lipstick color has faded away. If there is the difficulty with spreading the pencil, then it should be smudged on the palm before it is being applied in order to become softer. After this procedure it is possible to apply any shade of lipstick.

5. Fatten Your Lips Up
In order to have an illusion of dimension created, one should simply dab a dot of lip gloss on the center of the lower lip. It is well known that gloss has a tendency to reflect light, which provides the effect of fullness. Because dark colors make thin lips appear to recede, it is much advisable to apply sheer pinks and neutral colors of lipstick. Therefore, it should also be pointed out, that pale, shiny colors of lipstick are the secret shortcut.

6. Slim Down
It is not a secret that many women pay quite a good sum of money nowadays in order to have somewhat bigger pout; however, it is necessary to point out that plus – size lips can simply overpower the rest of the face. In addition, because dark and shiny colors on extra large lips are going to look like all lip, which usually make the eyes look tiny; puffy lips should be played down with the help of nude and / or matte lipstick formulas.

7. Add Shimmer
In case if someone would refuse to wear dark red or burgundy colors of lipstick, because they seem vampirish, then lips should be topped with a dab of iridescent gloss in order to make these colors lighter and fresher. As for pearly color of a lipstick, it is advisable to use a light hand and make shimmer concentrated in the center of the lips, rather then al the way to the corners of the mouth.