How to Choose Perfect Lip Gloss
Here are a few useful tips which can assist you in selecting the perfect lip gloss which will look best on you.
How to Choose Perfect Lip Gloss

It should be mentioned that the perfect look is ten per cent inspiration and ninety per cent perspiration. When choosing lips gloss look for the color which suits best your natural lip color.

lip_gloss1. Don't be afraid to experiment with your make up
There are a lot of different brands of lip gloss which can suit any budget. Your main aim is to choose lip gloss which will make your lips smooth and silky. High end glosses can bring you a super glossy feel hovewer label is not the main factor in choosing lip gloss. Sometimes you can find a quality product even in dollar stores. If you decide to buy a lip gloss in a drug store or at Wal-mart you need to make sure that an extensive research has been done on the chosen lip gloss.  In most cases drugsotres offer the products which are non tested.

2. A Gloss is not forever
- A lip gloss needs to be reapplied in order to preserve the dye. 

-All lips glosses even if they are expensive fade off after several hours.

- There are women who don't like the look of heavy gloss on their lips.

- It is crucial to choose gloss which matches your lip color not anyone else's.

3. How to choose the right lip gloss
It is very important that your lip gloss could match your natural lip color since the tone of your lips affects the color of the gloos which you apply on them. You shouln't buy the lip gloos which  Jennifer Anniston or Angelina Jolie wears. The colors of lip gloss look differently on different people that's why it is you need to find your own color. So consider your natural lip tone, the pigmentation of lip gloss, how convenient you feel when you wear it and other factors.

4. Not all lips glosses are good
No matter how great the lip gloss looks it is important that your lips could feel comfortable like if it isn't there. If you feel that your lips are gritty or sharp when the lip gloss is applied you should avoid using this product.  

5. Moisturize your lips
Lip gloss gives your lips a smooth shimmer but it is not able to provide  kissable cottony-soft lips. That's why you should also use lip balms. They don't create shine but they make your lips feel supple. Lip balm should be applied before the lip gloss in order to moisturize them.